Early Bird:
Spend 5 minutes on the activation protocol on CrossOver Symmetry & Hit Day 2 of Squat Cycle Mob.

2 Rounds (16 Min cap):
200M Run
5 Inch Worm + Push-Ups
200M Run
10 Sampson Stretch (5 e.)
200M Run
1 min. Super Couch Stretch (e.)
200M Run
1 min. Pigeon Stretch (e.)
200M Run
1 min. Bent leg Hamstring

Workout of the day for Tuesday, February 24th, 2015:
Skill (8 min):
Work on dubz.

Skill/Strength (8 min):
30 L-Pull-Up
30 C2B
30 Butterfly
*Stop if close to tearing. Make sure to prep hands before coming.

3 min AMRAP Each:
• Row for calories
• Burpee Box Jump Over
• Muscle-Up

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