3 Rounds:
200 M Run
15 WallBall

5 Rounds (each leg):
Down-Dawg to Pigeon
Down-Dawg to Sampson Stretch
Down-Dawg to Hip Flexor Stretch
Down-Dawg to lateral Lunge

2-3 rounds:
1 Turkish Get-up (each side)
5 Good Morning
15 GHD Sit-Up

Workout of the day for Thursday, March 12th, 2015:
3 Rounds:
Run 400M
21 Burpees
12 single arm kettlebell thrusters 53/35-lb, (7 each arm)

Midline Stability & Mobility
15 Hip-Back Extension
2 minutes super couch
15 Hip-Back Extension
2 minutes couch for shoulders
15 Hip-Back Extension

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