Training Plan for Tuesday, October 3rd, 2017:

Wod with Class:
10 Rounds: (20 min cap):
10 Clean & Jerk 155/105, or 60% 1RM
10 T2B

Backsquat, Dip, Bent Over Row
6 x 1*

*You’ll do six singles, adding weight each rep. It can be 5 pounds or 50, depending on how each single feels. It’s not a max effort on the last set; it’s just the sixth single. If the loads feel heavy, just add five pounds. If the bar is flying, add more.

30 Cal Bike
20 Weighted GHD Sit-Up
10 Sandbag Box Ste-Up*

*Try a small box first and make sure the box you use you are stable on.