CrossFit Roseville Get Fit Lose Weight Have Fun

Dynamic Group Warm-Up
Lacrosse Ball Glute smash

9 Min EMOM, alt:
Hollow Rocks
Russian KB Swing

Pigeon Stretch
Calve Stretch

Workout of the day for Friday June 28th, 2019:
3 Rounds, For Time:
400m Run
20 Alt. Dumbbell Snatch 50/35-lb
10 Sandbag Cleans 150/100lb

“After Party”
400m Farmer Carry 53/35-lb

Sweat Sessions Workout for Friday June 28th, 2019:
Eccentric Calve Stretch
Lacrosse Ball Scaps

Skill: DB Push Press & Squat Therapy

For Time (25 Min Cap):
20 Goblet Squat
20 Burpee
20 Box Jump Over
20 DB Push Press
20 DB Bent Over Row
20 DB Lunges
18 Goblet Squat
18 Burpee
18 Box Jump Over
18 DB Push Press
18 DB Bent Over Row
18 DB Lunges