Dynamic Group Warm-Up
3 Primary SMR

3 Rounds:
2 Wall Walk
30 Hollow Rocks

Skill: Split Jerk

Workout of the day for Friday September 6th, 2019:
Strict Weighted Pull-Up:

8 Min AMRAP:
15/12 Cal Bike/Ski/Row
15 Chest-2-Bar

Then, 8 Min to Establish:
1RM Split Jerk

Sweat Sessions Workout for Friday September 6th, 2019:
Group Hip Opener
15 PVC Passthrough
Lacrosse Ball Pec Smash
15 PVC Passthrough

Skill: PVC Push Press

For Time (25 min cap):
400M Row, or 800m Bike
40 DB Push Press
40 Burpee
400M Farmer Carry

200M Row, or 400m Bike
20 DB Push Press
20 Burpee
200M Farmer Carry

100M Row, or 200m Bike
10 DB Push Press
10 Burpee
100M Farmer Carry