Dynamic Group Warm-Up
3 Primary SMR

1/2 tabata each, alt:
Cal Bike/Row/Ski
Medball Deadlift
Medball Squat Clean

Workout of the Day for Friday, February 7th, 2020:
4 x 8 of each:
DB Skull crusher
Arnold Press
Single Arm DB row
Bicep curl

14 Min AMRAP:
8 C2B
10/7 Cal Bke/Row/Ski
12 Wallball 30/20-lb

“After Party”
4 x 12 Hip Thrusts, Build Each Set

Sweat Sessions Workout for Friday, February 8th, 2020:

Skill: Medball Clean

3 Rounds, 1 Min on/1 Min Off, alt:
• MedBall Deadlift
• Wallballs
• MedBall Clean

5 x 4 Min AMRAP:
20/15 Cal Ski/Bike/Row
20 Air Squat
20 Plate G2OH
Max Burpee to Plate with Remaining Time

*2 Min Rest Between Rounds