32 Tips to Improve Your Health & Fitness Tip #20

32 Tips to Improve Your Health and Fitness

#20. How Does Sleep Affect Weight Loss?
The Research Is In: To reduce bodyfat, you need to get enough sleep.⠀
Lack of sleep messes with how our bodies regulate hormones, which leads to increased hunger and appetite, and decreased energy for physical activity. When we sleep less we end up eating more and exercising less which leads to significant weight gain.⠀
We are also less able to resist tempting foods. One study found that increasing sleep amounts reduced sugar intake significantly (by about 10 grams!) Boosting sleep amounts started participants on a trend toward lowering their fat and carbohydrate intake.⠀
To Improve your sleep, total time in bed is important, so is sleep quality.⠀
Establish a Night-Time Routine⠀
• Establish a consistent time each night to be in bed.⠀
• Set a reminder at night to begin this new habit.⠀
• Create a routine that begins 1-2 Hours leading up to your ideal bed time.⠀
• Avoid electronic devices/tv before bed.⠀
• Practice journaling/ meditating/ praying, before bed.⠀
Improve Sleep Quality⠀
• Avoid caffeine & alcohol before bedtime.⠀
• Do not going to bed too full, or too hungry.⠀
• Block out all light. Sleep masks can help.⠀
• Sleep in a comfortable, cool room.⠀
When we get enough sleep, we eat better, we recover better, we feel better, we get more out of our workouts, and when we add all of these things up we can live better. Rest well to live optimally!