32 Tips to Improve Your Health & Fitness Tip #25

32 Tips to Improve Your Health and Fitness

#25. You Are Moving 24 Hours a Day!

The positions we are in 24 hours of the day creates the story of how we are as movers. Our standing posture, sitting posture, sleeping posture, etc. all play a role in our health and movement patterns.

Most of us think movement = working out. And we pay attention to how we are moving during our workouts: we want good form during our workouts, we stretch in accordance with the workout of the day, etc.

But when we rethink movement to be the positions we are putting our bodies in 24 hours of the day (how we sit in a chair or car, how we hold our kids, how we pick up our laundry baskets, etc).

Stand Right to Win Back Your Positions

We often stand… like we are lazy, tired, stressed: head and shoulders slumped forward, mid back rounded, over-arching our low backs (anterior pelvic tilt).

When we stand intentionally we: have our butt a little bit squeezed to make sure our pelvis is neutral, head tall to make sure our head is not round forward stressing out our neck and back, shoulders pulled back a little so that we maintain healthy shoulders.

Sit Right to Stay Healthy

We often have our butt too far away from the back of the seat, which causes us to round our lower back (posterior pelvic tilt). And we sit too much for too long which causes our hip flexors to get tight.

At work, invest in a good char that helps you to sit up-right, and promotes a neutral pelvis. In a car or seat, start by sitting your butt all the way to the back of the chair, and then down, so you sit upright, and maintain your curve in your low back.

Get up and move! Set a timer so that every 20 minutes or so you have a habit of getting out of your chair, and moving around. Hit some quick hip stretches to restore your movement so that you stay healthy.

When we think of how we are moving 24 hours a day we can stand, sit, sleep, and move intentionally so that we stay healthy and live optimally!