32 Tips to Improve Your Health & Fitness Tip #4

32 Tips to Improve Your Health and Fitness

Tip #4. How much body fat can I lose each week?

If your aim is to lose weight, Aim for 1/2 pound of weight loss per week. That way you can see consistent progress, and if you end up losing more than a 1/2 pound per week, great!

Most people want fast results. When we get a sudden burst of motivation we want to lose weight as fast as possible. We go to crazy extremes based on extreme weight loss goals which often backfires. And, when the motivation fades we can gain all of the weight back (if not more).

With a goal of a 1/2 pound of body fat loss per week that’s 2-lb per month, 12-lb in six months, and 48-lb of body fat loss over a 2 year period!

Build healthy habits that you can continue as a lifestyle. Imagine losing 48-lb with consistent incremental progress over the next 2 years. Imagine how you will look & feel after such a big change.

One small lifestyle change at a time adds up to big transformation!

Aim for consistency. Form lifestyle habits that will change your life. Start with a goal of a half pound of body fat loss per week!