32 Tips to Improve Your Health & Fitness Tip #12

32 Tips to Improve Your Health and Fitness

#12. The Fastest Way to Make Progress is Through Personal Training

I recently picked up the game of golf, mostly because I have buddies who play and It’s a great way to hang out, be active, and get out in nature.

But… Golf can be a frustrating sport. Sometimes you hit it great, and sometimes you slice it, you hook it, you snack it, you duff it, etc. and… you don’t know why.

I would not have had much success golfing without taking lessons with a golf pro who can look at my swing, correct my errors, give me drills specific to my issues, and put me through a lesson so I can play better golf tomorrow.

The same is true with most things in life. Want to play the piano (and progress quickly)?—get a piano teacher. Want to learn to surf (and progress quickly)?—take surfing lessons. Want to improve your health and fitness?—get a personal trainer and/or nutrition coach.

Personal training is the fastest way to reach your movement goals, because you have one coach work with just you specifically on your issues specifically to reach your goals.

If you are looking to get back into movement, or get started with CrossFit, if you are looking to improve a lift (snatch, clean, overhead squat, deadlift, etc.), if you are looking to get better at a gymnastics movement (Toes-2-Bar, muscle-up, strict pull-up, handstand push-up, etc.), if you are looking to get custom programming to reach a specific goal, then personal training is your fastest path to progress.

Nutrition coaching is the fastest way to make progress on your health & fitness goals because not only will a nutrition coach will put you on a plan to eat the right foods, in the right amounts, but will help you to overcome your personal barriers that make it hard for you specifically to eat healthy.

If you are looking to lose body fat, if you are looking to build muscle, if you are looking to tone-up, if you are looking to improve performance through improved strength to bodyweight ratio, then nutrition coaching is your fastest path to progress.

If you want to make faster progress toward your health and fitness goals, get a personal trainer and/or nutrition coach! Send us an email (jesse@rosevillecrossfit.com if you need a personal trainer to help you with your goals!

32 Tips to Improve Your Health & Fitness Tip #11

32 Tips to Improve Your Health and Fitness

#11. Dedication Over Motivation.

Motivation is like a single match: a burst of energy that quickly fades away.

Dedication is like a series of matches lined up just so that once the initial match is lit, the flame will continue down the match to light the next one, and the next one, and the next. Dedication requires a purposeful process to get you from where you are now, to where you want to be.

Dedication to a goal means setting up systems and habits that lead us step by step towards our goal. Dedication means knowing why the goal is important to us so that even when we don’t feel like taking action, we do it anyway.

When we rely on motivation, we chance our success on the whims of how we feel. When we feel motivated we take action, when we don’t—we don’t.

Dedication allows us to renew our motivation every time we reach a new milestone on the path to our goal. Each time we hit a mini goal along the path we get another burst of motivation to continue on.

Being motivated means taking short term action. Being dedicated requires us to build systems and habits that lead us to success, and can be a continued source of motivation along the way.

32 Tips to Improve Your Health & Fitness Tip #10

32 Tips to Improve Your Health and Fitness

#10. What If I Don’t Have Enough Time For Fitness?

Most people know they should move more, and eat better (more vegetables, less alcohol and cake). But when life gets crazy we put our own health and fitness goals on the back burner.

If you find yourself in a place where you are missing your workouts, stressing out, under-sleeping, and over eating, here are the 5 steps back to being healthy & Fit:

1. Ask yourself “Why”

Write down the answers to these questions: “Why is fitness important to you?”, “What is the consequence of continuing to neglect my health 7 fitness?”, “Who all is affected when I improve my health and fitness?”

2. Schedule out your next two weeks worth of activities.

What are your top priorities for the next two weeks? What activities are you doing that are not consistent with your goals and values? Evaluate your current schedule with the activities that are necessary for you to thrive.

3. Schedule Your Meal Prep

Pick 1-3 days a week to shop, cook, and make a little extra healthy food prepped and ready to go for the week. Plan out some meals, and write out grocery lists.

4. Schedule Your Workouts

Start with 15 minute workouts 3 x a week. Can you go for a morning run, walk the dog, meet a friend for a quick garage workout? Establish the habit of moving 3x a week, and gradually increase the time, and or frequency of your workouts.

5. Get Support
Connect with a buddy you can meet up with on a consistent basis. Join a group class with fun people also looking to improve their fitness. Get a personal trainer who will keep you accountable and help you reach your goals.

When you find yourself in a season of life where health takes a back-seat to life, use these 5 steps to get back on track so that you can move more, eat good foods, and be a healthier fitter you!

32 Tips to Improve Your Health & Fitness Tip #9

32 Tips to Improve Your Health and Fitness

#9. The 3 Big Nutrition Basics

The three big nutrition basics are: What do I eat? How much do I eat? When do I eat?

#1 What Do I Eat?

Eat real foods, including a variety of fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins. Eat healthy fats (in moderation). Eat foods that make you feel good, that fuel your health and fitness goals. Eat foods that you enjoy, and occasionally less healthy foods for special occasions and to build into relationships with loved ones.

#2 How Much Do I Eat?

Eating the right foods (macronutrients: proteins, carbs, and fat) in the right amounts (calories) will tell the story of your body composition, and help you or hinder you from reaching your goals.

You can also use a simple visual guide for portion sizes, and/or track our calories & macros:
1 Palm size of protein-dense foods with each meal (2 for men).
1 Fist of vegetables with each meal (2 for men).
Optional: 1 Cupped hand of carb-dense foods (2 for men).
Optional: 1 thumb sized portion of fat-dense foods (2 for men.

Or, you can use MyFitness Pal app to track your daily calories, and macros. We recommend aiming for 40% Carbs, 30% Protein, 30% Fats. It may seem daunting at first to log your food, but once you learn to use the app and start logging, the steps to log become easier, you learn shortcuts, and hitting your daily goals for calories & macros becomes rewarding!

#3 When Do I Eat?

Nutrient timing (When to eat what) depends on your lifestyle and what works for you. A good rule of thumb is to wait at least 2 hours between meals, but do not go longer than 5 hours between meals.

Some people thrive eating a big breakfast, moderate lunch, and smaller dinner. Some people thrive on skipping breakfast and having two bigger meals (lunch & dinner). Some people thrive on three meals a day, and some need to add a few snacks in-between meals.

Expirement with adding more protein to your breakfast, which can help buffer craving for less healthy snacks before lunch! Try adding a protein shake right after your workout, ideally with some carbs and protein to replenish what you used and fuel muscle growth!

You are your own experiment! Aim to hit your calorie and macro goals first, and experiment with nutrient timing depending on your lifestyle.

When we consistently eat the right things, in the right amounts, for the right reasons we have the foundation set to reach our health and fitness goals!

32 Tips to Improve Your Health & Fitness Tip #8

32 Tips to Improve Your Health and Fitness

Tip #8. To Be Successful, Setup Your Environment

Create an environment that makes doing the right thing as easy as possible.

If you are looking to clean up your diet, set-up your environment at home by first clearing out the cupboards and cabinets any temptations. You are much less likely to eat ice cream at midnight, if you have to get dressed and drive to the grocery store to get it!

If you are looking to workout the next morning, lay out your clothes the night before. Text a buddy who is counting on you to show up. Set an alarm for the evening before so you know when you need to go to sleep.

If you are going out to eat, go to a place where you know they are going to have healthy options that you will enjoy (grilled fish or chicken, healthy salads, burrito bowls you can customize with healthier options, etc.).

If you are looking to workout after work, pack your gym bag and bring it with you so you do not need to stop at home (and possibly end up on the couch with a cold beer instead). Pack a pre-workout snack, and/or a protein shake for after your workout.

If you often get tempted by the office donuts, or birthday cakes, eat a healthy breakfast so you are less tempted by hunger, and bring healthy options with you to snack on instead.

When we setup our environment such that doing the right thing is easy, when the path of least resistance leads us towards our goals, we are setting ourselves up for success!

32 Tips to Improve Your Health & Fitness Tip #7

32 Tips to Improve Your Health and Fitness

Tip #7. Make a plan. Work the plan. Adjust the plan. Repeat.

Without a plan a goal is just a wish. With a plan a goal is a series of daily habits and systems that propel us towards our desired end state.

If you have an ambiguous goal, you have no plan, you have very little hope of success. When you have a plan you have a direction, you can work out the logical steps necessary to be successful. You can determine what the halfway point to your goal is, what the halfway point to the halfway point is, you can determine the monthly/weekly/daily steps are that you need to take to reach your goal.

Step 1: Make a plan. Get started on a plan to reach you goal. It doesn’t have to be perfect, you just have to start.

Step 2: Work the plan. Just start! (I feel like I am repeating myself, but this is important). The Journey of 1000 steps really does begin with 1 step. Don’t worry if the plan isn’t perfect, if you fail at times, this is why there is a step 3!

Step 3: Adjust the plan. “No plan survives first contact with the enemy” As soon as we start, we may find more efficient ways to accomplish parts of our goal, we may try different ways and fail and learn from our failures to adjust the plan going forward. Don’t be afraid to adjust the plan as necessary!

Step 4: Repeat. Repeat the process again and again until you succeed. Evaluate your markers for success, and set new ones as necessary. Work the plan every damn day. Adjust the plan as many times as needed until you reach your goal.

If you have big plans for your health and fitness, make an actual plan to reach your goals! If you need help creating a plan for your health and fitness goals, email me today to get started: jesse@rosevillecrossfit.com.

32 Tips to Improve Your Health & Fitness Tip #6

32 Tips to Improve Your Health and Fitness

Tip #6. Set Goals Based on How You Want to Feel

A great way to do goal setting successfully, is to start with how you want to feel 1 year from now, and set some goals that will get you to that feeling.

Confidence is a great feeling; confidence in your own skin, confidence during intimacy with your significant other, confidence when presenting in front of your team at work. If you want to be more confident in any part of your life imagine what you want, and work backwards to set goals that will help you get there.

Being full of energy, full of life is a great feeling. Do you want energy for your kids, energy to do the best you can at your job, to feel full of life so you can thrive in your relationships? Imagine what your life will be like with more energy, and work backwards to set goals that will help you get there.

Do you want the pride of doing something today that you could not do yesterday? When we hit a new PR, accomplish an obstacle race that challenges our physical and emotional capabilities, even attempt a new challenge that scares us, we earn a sense of pride that can only be earned by living boldly and daring greatly. Imagine what your life will be like when you decide to live boldly and dare mighty things, and work backwards to set goals that will help you get there.

How do you want to feel? What is a goal that will challenge you to be happier, healthier, and live into your best self?

The book The Happiness Hypotheses uses the analogy of the elephant and the elephant rider to explain to the idea that every decision we make is a combination of our logical brain and our emotional brain. Our logical brain (the rider) can try to steer the way, but our emotional brain (the elephant) can overpower our logical brain (often to our detriment). The magic happens when we get the elephant and the rider to move together.

When we set goals based on how we want to feel, we get buy in from our emotional brain. Then, the goals we set are the logical steps we need to take to accomplish the goal. Bam: emotional and logical brain working together so we can be successful!

32 Tips to Improve Your Health & Fitness Tip #5

32 Tips to Improve Your Health and Fitness

Tip #5. Workout With Other Amazing Humans.

Whether it is a partner meeting you for a 5 am run, a mom’s group meeting for a garage workout session, or showing up to see your friends at your class time at the gym, doing life with other people helps us to be more successful.

CrossFit, at its core is an amazing strength & conditioning program that helps us to reach our health and fitness goals, to: lose weight, build muscle, get healthy & fit.

Building relationships with the people you workout with is one of the best unexpected benefits of being a member of a CrossFit Gym.

The relationships we form with our workout buddies help us to be accountable. Help us to show up to the gym when we would rather stay at home on the couch. And when we can help out our gym buddies in the same way, we feel good.

Building into relationships helps us to be more consistent with our workouts. Our friends hold us to be accountable to our health and fitness goals. And we all accomplish more because we have each other.

Workout with other amazing humans who help you to be your best self.

32 Tips to Improve Your Health & Fitness Tip #4

32 Tips to Improve Your Health and Fitness

Tip #4. How much body fat can I lose each week?

If your aim is to lose weight, Aim for 1/2 pound of weight loss per week. That way you can see consistent progress, and if you end up losing more than a 1/2 pound per week, great!

Most people want fast results. When we get a sudden burst of motivation we want to lose weight as fast as possible. We go to crazy extremes based on extreme weight loss goals which often backfires. And, when the motivation fades we can gain all of the weight back (if not more).

With a goal of a 1/2 pound of body fat loss per week that’s 2-lb per month, 12-lb in six months, and 48-lb of body fat loss over a 2 year period!

Build healthy habits that you can continue as a lifestyle. Imagine losing 48-lb with consistent incremental progress over the next 2 years. Imagine how you will look & feel after such a big change.

One small lifestyle change at a time adds up to big transformation!

Aim for consistency. Form lifestyle habits that will change your life. Start with a goal of a half pound of body fat loss per week!

32 Tips to Improve Your Health & Fitness Tip #3

32 Tips to Improve Your Health and Fitness

Tip #3. The formula to lose body fat and build muscle!

If you want to both lose fat and build muscle here is the 3-part formula:
1. Eat in a slight caloric deficit. Track what you eat, set a calorie and macro-nutrient goal. Eat real, nutrient dense food (vegetables, lean proteins, healthy fats in moderation).
2. Exercise 3-5 times per week. Include: cardio, body weight exercises, and resistance training.
3. Be consistent with your: fitness, nutrition, sleep, water intake, and stress management.

Eat well + Exercise + Consistency = Results

Nutrition is the most important part of reaching our body composition goals. You can not out train a bad diet. If you want to be healthy and fit, you have to commit to prioritizing your nutrition.

High intensity workouts help us raise our net energy expenditure for up to 18 hours even after we are done working out (so we can burn more calories throughout the day). Working out 3 times a week is a great start. Working out 5-6 times a week might help you progress faster, but you have got to get your nutrition dialed in first.

Consistency is king when it comes to reaching our health and fitness goals. If you are not consistently working out 3-5 times per week, and if you are not working on your nutrition habits every day, you cannot expect to see progress.

Sleeping 7+ Hours each night, staying hydrated, and managing stress are also important so our bodies can function optimally and help us to build muscle, lose weight, and be healthier, and fitter.

If you need help with your nutrition, a plan for working out, or a coach to keep you accountable to consistently work toward your goals, shoot us a message and we’ll get you the help you need to reach your health & fitness goals!