Coronavirus Update April 23rd

I was stoked when I read that gyms get to open in phase 1 of the White Houses Opening Up America Plan. I am not even sure what gets to open in stages 2 & 3, I stopped reading when I found out gyms are soon able to reopen as long as they adhere to strict social distancing protocols I was so excited!

Some athletes cannot wait to get back to the gym, see friends face to face, and get back a piece of normal life. Some athletes may be hesitant to return right away. What is right for each individual is an individual choice.

Personally I have had the chance to visit (socially distanced) with many families and individuals from the gym these past weeks to bring people gym equipment, easter crafts, medical clips, DIY bird house kits, virtual raffle prizes ,etc. But I miss seeing everyone in person on the regular!

Zoom classes have been awesome! Getting to see your Spouses, sisters/brothers, kids, neighbors, friends join in with you, getting to meet your people, getting to see and hear from athletes who have moved away, etc. have all made our virtual classes really fun. But I miss coaching group classes and giving sweaty high fives after the workout.

Last week golf courses and other outdoor activities got to reopen in Placer county. Yesterday the first restriction in California was lifted to allow more medical procedures. As California begins to reduce the stay at home orders and slowly bring back businesses, we are planning for the day, and the procedures we will need in place, to open up our physical location.

For athletes who are ready to return, we have been cleaning, painting, making some upgrades, and have plans ready for the reopen of our physical space, depending on what the guidelines are for strict social distancing. For athletes who would like to continue the Online Virtual Remote Coaching program, we can do that too!

I love the way athletes have been so creative in the ways they have been completing the coach’s challenges! The social media recipe book is a lot of fun and the recipes athletes are submitting look amazing! Helping coach Amy with the family fun workouts has been a blast, and seeing the videos of families doing these workouts together is priceless!

Watching how athletes have been helping out others during this time (shout out to Will with all he has done for kids, parents, and nurses!) has been heartwarming. And I am so proud of the work athletes have been putting into their workouts & nutrition during this difficult time.

These are some of the awesome memories I have to look back on and appreciate years from now to remember this stay at home period.

If there is anything else we can do for you during this time, don’t hesitate to reach out!

-Coach Jesse