CrossFit Roseville is Free to try out!

Book a free “no-sweat” private 20-minute chat. No sales pressure, just a chance to see the gym and answer any questions you might have. Email: Coach Jesse for a “no sweat” intro session, or shoot him a text at: (916) 390-1919.


Sweat Sessions


Per Month

Mon, Wed, & Fri @ 7:00am & 5:30PM
Sunday @ 10:30am

4 Classes Per Week

Lose Fat, Build Muscle, Get Fitter!

1 Month Unlimited


Per Month

CrossFit Classes

Sunday Yoga

24 Open Gym Classes!

Classes Per Month

12 Per Month for $150

8 Per Month for $130

4 Per Month for $75

For any questions regarding our pricing plans above, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Frequently Asked Questions

Drop In’s are free for the first two visits!

$20 for each additional visit.

The “On-Ramp” is designed to get you ramped up to speed to join the regular group classes.

Stage 1 of the On-Ramp consists of 12 Personal training Sessions.

Each Personal Training Session Includes:
• Warm-Up
• Instruction on the 9 Foundational Movements
• Workout
• Mobility & Core Work

Stage one will be prepare you for transition into the regularly scheduled group classes.

Stage 2 of the On-Ramp includes 12 more PT Sessions. These sessions are designed to further your knowledge of the 9 foundational movements.

Stage 2 is tailored to your specific goals to help you reach your success faster.

*Athletes can continue with private training as an alternate to joining the group classes. See the Personal Training Section.

*Athletes may test out of private training once they have demonstrated their ability to be a good mover in the group classes.

1-Hour Personal Training Rates:
1 Class PT $75.00
2 / Month $140.00
4 / Month $270.00
8 / Month $520.00

1/2-Hour Personal Training Rates:
1 Class PT $45.00
2 / Month $85.00
4 / Month $160.00
8 / Month $305.00

2 Person x 1-Hour Personal Training Rates (%15 Discount):

1-Hour Personal Training Rates:
1 Class PT $64.00/Person
2 / Month $119.00/Person
4 / Month $229.00/Person
8 / Month $442.00/Person

1/2-Hour Personal Training Rates:
1 Class PT $38.00/Person
2 / Month $72.00/Person
4 / Month $136.00/Person
8 / Month $259.00/Person

Call or Email us today to set-up a time that works for you:
(916) 390-1919

Custom Training Plan

For goals like:
• Preparing for an upcoming competition.
• Improving in all aspects of your fitness
• Meeting your fitness goals As Fast As Possible

One Year: $1,890, 10% discount
6-Months: $997, 5% discount
CrossFit Roseville offers 21 Open Gym sessions throughout the week for athletes who want to work on skills or homework assigned by the coaches.

Athletes must be members of CrossFit Roseville to use Open Gym Times. There is no option for non-members to pay for open gym only memberships.

Many of our athletes follow a specific Training Plan to work on accessory strength training, olympic lifting, or gymnastic progressions during open gym. For more information on the training plan, email Coach Jesse at:

Add On Spouse/Family Member: $150 per month for Unlimited

$129 per month for Sweat Sessions

*See our Kids Thrive Program for our Kids Classes.

Kids ages 12-16 yr. old may attend Sweat Sessions when accompanied by their parents. They may not attend regular CrossFit classes*.

Kids 17+ may attend Sweat Sessions unaccompanied by parents.

*Kids may go through extensive private training, and with the approval of the coach and the parents attend either CrossFit, or Sweat Sessions once they have demonstrated the knowledge, and movement capabilities to do so safely. This is a case-by case basis to determine the goals and safety of the kids.

All sales are final. No refunds shall be made for services purchased.

Prepaid personal training sessions and memberships cannot be shared or transferred.

Most people that train at CrossFit Roseville realize that training isn’t something you should do off and on in short spurts. For best results, training is something you should do consistently and indefinitely.

Your CrossFit Roseville Membership reserves your personal access to coaching, use of the gym facilities & equipment.

If you wish to cancel your gym membership, you must fill out a cancellation form 14 days prior to the renewal date by following this link:

Cancellation form

We do not provide refunds or credits for any partial-month membership periods. We also do not offer “holds” for vacation or time away.