CrossFit Roseville: How We’re Training Through COVID-19

We are staying open as of now, but we are monitoring the updates from our local authorities and the CDC daily.

Check out our “Home Warrior” program on SugarWod for a free at home workout option for those choosing to self quarantine, requiring little to no equipment. If you would like access to this free option, email me:!

General Procedures

We have discussed our short term procedures in our previous two blog posts to promote social distancing & provide a clean & safe space for you to workout:
COVID-19 Update, March 10th
COVID-19 Update, March 12th

Long-Term Plans

Given the worldwide situation, there is the potential that gyms and other public spaces will be forced to shut down. We’ll listen for all info from the government and follow its procedures.

Should we be forced to shut down, we will not stop coaching or running training sessions. We will use social media to program and instruct workouts. We take a lot of pride in being a lighthouse: We never go dark.

And we want you to keep working out, even if the government won’t let you do it at 8413 Washington Blvd. You didn’t pay for access to a facility. You paid for coaching, and we can provide that online.

Online Community Classes
We will host zoom or skype classes to lead you through workouts, host daily challenges, and help with equipment for you to use through a shutdown.

Remote Coaching Program
Prior to all this, we have been working on a Remote Coaching Program offering with individualized coaching and accountability for participants via their home or travel. A coach will be in constant communication with you, provide individualized workouts and focuses tailored specifically for you, and take into account any equipment you may have at your disposal.

The cost for this service is greater than a regular class membership, but we will extend this offering to all current members during this challenging time for no extra charge.

If you are self-quarantining, not comfortable coming to the gym, or unable to leave the home for school closures or whatever, this service will be provided for you. In the event of a forced closure of the gym, we will take this action for EVERY member. We will make sure you stay as healthy, immune, and sane as possible.

Equipment Share Program
In the event of a forced closure, we will be implementing an Equipment Share Program, where we will allow EVERY member to borrow 1 piece of equipment to use at home until re-opening. Think of it as your library book but from the gym! Your Remote Coach will be able to use this, among other creative and fun things, to keep you on track!

We will do all we can to keep our members happy, healthy, and safe during this time, as well as keeping our staff in a job. If you have been significantly affected by this recent situation, please reach out and we will do all we can to help. We will thrive together!

Here’s what you can do to prepare for the possibility of a shut-down:

1. Go out and buy a kettlebell or a set of dumbbells. You can probably get something for about $100 or less. Sacramento Exercise Equipment Center is right off highway 80, and there are tons of online retailers (Wallmart and Home depot are actually good places to buy dumbbells online due to free shipping).

Select a weight that you would use in a conditioning workout (25-, 35- and 55 lb. kettlebells are common, as are 20- and 40- lb. dumbbells). This will be your primary piece of at-home fitness equipment. Don’t worry: You can stay very fit with just one kettlebell or dumbbell.

2. Make a space where you can work out with CrossFit Roseville online. It should be about 8 feet by 8 feet. Just don’t knock over plants or do a burpee on the dog’s tail.

3. Make sure you have a way to set up a phone or iPad so you can see and hear us during the online session.

4. High Five the Internet!

We hope there are no breaks in service at our gym, but if we are required to close, we will.

But we will not leave you high and dry. We’ll be offering the same enthusiasm, programming and energy over the Internet. You’re a person who works out. And we’re going to make sure that continues.

-Coach Jesse