CrossFit HQ’s “At Home Edition” Competition

Thank You To Our Amazing Community.
Let’s Pay it Forward and have a little fun too

Hi everyone,
Many of us are struggling right now, whether that is financially, physically, emotionally, socially or otherwise, we are all in this together and will come out the other side together.

We have been so inspired by the Roseville community as well as our own little CFRV family. Our crew has continued to train and support one another while transitioning to one our Remote Training Programs. Their support of each other has been beyond amazing! The community support for us and our little gym has choked me up on several occasions too.

We have had many members ask how they can help, some by offering to cover athletes’ membership if they have been laid off or hit by financial burdens.

I can not adequately express our gratitude for the generosity and thoughtfulness during this time!

We just heard about a fundraiser that CrossFit HQ has developed to help CrossFit gyms. But we would like to put a little CFRV twist on it by using it to help others during this time.

CrossFit HQ has created an online competition event. The money raised is supposed to support CrossFit gyms and any local money raised is supposed to go to us (for rent, bills, etc) But we want to pay it forward and would rather give the $ to people who are going through hard times right now and can’t afford their memberships, or have other financial burdens.

We’re fortunate to be in a decently stable position and our goal is to continue to guide you for years to come. And we’re even more fortunate to have such a caring community that will dig in to help others in need!

Event Format

Over a three-week period, CrossFit will release three classic workouts, each with a scaled option that can be performed with minimal or no equipment by athletes of any ability level. All athletes who participate will have their names displayed on the Open leaderboard during the competition and will be able to create smaller leaderboards among friends, family, and other members of their affiliate by using leaderboard hashtags.

Registration will take place on beginning on or before Wednesday, April 1st, and will remain open for the duration of the competition. The first workout will be released tomorrow, Friday, April 3rd, and we will program this for Saturday’s CrossFit Roseville “At Home Edition” Workouts.

How to Get Involved

Anyone can participate in the Support Your Local Box Fundraiser. Payment is not required. We understand that many face financial difficulties at this time, and we want everyone in your communities to have the opportunity to participate without barriers.

When participants register, they will have the option to select a contribution amount ranging from $20 to $1,000, or participate at no cost. Participants can select which affiliate they want to receive their contribution. When the competition closes, 100% of the proceeds collected will be distributed to affiliates in accordance with their roster of supporters. CrossFit, Inc. will distribute all registration funds to the designated affiliates.

It is our hope that you will sign up for the event regardless of what you can give. This is an opportunity for us to workout together, compete together, and support each other throughout an unprecedented time. Again, we’re grateful that we are walking through this together, and we can’t wait to have a party when this is all over!