Make a Plan to Shed the Holiday Pounds

If, when looking in the mirror after the holiday season, you see a few extra pounds, remember how you got the extra weight, and smile.

Smile, and remember that you got it drinking merrily with friends, laughing heartily with family, and building into relationships with loved ones.

Now that the holidays are over we can reset our focus, take time and decide what is important to us in the new year, and make a plan to make the changes we want for 2018.

Follow these 5 Steps to Create Your Personal Plan to Shed the Holiday Pounds:
1. Set Realistic Expectations
2. Set Process Goals to Achieve Your Desired Outcome
3. Decide What Works For You (& What Doesn’t)
4. Enlist a Support System
5. Start With Your “Why”

Set Realistic Expectations
Life is messy & complicated. Jumping on a restrictive diet, or creating restrictive goals can lead to failure when the complications of life mess us up, throw us off track, and make it easy to quit our resolutions.

Try creating one behavior change expectation at a time. Pick one of the following: meal prep for the week on Sundays, add more protein to my breakfast, track my macros 3-5 days per week. Once this goal is met consistently and becomes a habit it doesn’t require anymore mental energy. Now you can pick another behavior goal to work towards.

Set Process Goals to Achieve Your Desired Outcome
Process goals allow us to focus on the behaviors necessary to move us toward our desired end state.

When we achieve these small process goals (eat vegetables with every meal, workout 3 times per week, sleep 7+ hours each night) each small victory spikes our dopamine as we experience the feeling of success. The more we succeed the more we want to continue hitting small victories that lead towards our desired end state.

Think: What process goals will help you to reach your weight loss goals?

Decide What Works for You (& What Doesn’t)
Chances are you have had routines that have worked for you in the past. Picking these habits back up are easier than starting new ones since you already have the blueprint for these habits stowed away.

Remember, the process goals that work for other people might not work for you.—Just because someone else lost weight on diet XYZ doesn’t mean this process is going to work with your lifestyle or for your goals.

Decide what behaviors you are currently in habit of doing that don’t serve your goals and cut them out of your life. If a behavior isn’t serving your goals, you need to replace them with healthy behaviors that get you toward where you want to go and who you want to be.

Think: What has worked for you in the past? And why did this work?
Think: What behaviors are you doing right now that don’t serve your goals? Is there any true benefit to these behaviors that serve your health and lifestyle goals?

Enlist a Support System
When we enlist a support system into our goals we add accountability to what we say we are going to do. We add a fresh pair of eyes to help us see what we can’t see ourselves. We add emotional support to pick us up when we are down.

Get a buddy, join a positive group, or hire a coach! These are all great ways to get the support we need to make a behavior stick, to get us past the sticky bits so we can reach our goals.

Start With Your “Why”
Why do you want to lose weight?

What meaning gives your struggle, your drive, your dedication to weight loss it’s purpose?

How will your life be better after you lose weight?
How does losing weight help you to improve your relationships?
In what ways does losing weight help you to achieve your life’s purpose?

When your “why” is strong enough it can help you overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles, to help you find your way.

Know your why, write it down, share it with your support system, and take consistent, imperfect, action every day until you reach your success.

Reach Out For Help
If you have any questions, or need any help with shedding the holidays pounds, shoot me a message!

If you are working on goal setting for 2018, check out my post on “New Year’s Resolutions” vs. Your Personal 2018 Blueprint!