Miguel L. – “My Doctor is Amazed”

Workout of the Day for Tuesday Jan 14, 2014

Complete as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes of:
8 Toes to bar
8  Thruster, DB: 35/20 lbs, BB: 85/55 lbs
12 Walking lunge, DB: 35/20 lbs, BB: 85/55 lbs

Hydrostatic body Fat Test

CrossFit Roseville is hosting Hydrostatic Body Fat testing tomorrow from 2:00 PM through 7 PM.  $49 for first time test, $39 for a re-test. Sign-up for your time slot on the white board.


Let me share my story. I was a very active person trough out high school however after graduating for some reason I just got lazy and didn’t take care of myself. I gained weight and my life was pretty much work, work, work thinking that by working was the only way to take care of my family until one day I was unable to get a life insurance policy due to my obesity. My blood test results reveled I was having liver problems and because of possible liver failure several life insurance companies denied my application.  For 1 year I ignored it until I started having some type of panic attack and it made me realize that if I die or get sick how can I provide for my family instead I could just become a bigger problem and a struggle.

It seems like it was yesterday approximate 2 years ago when my sister in-law (Tara) an amazing person looking to help said to me that she was looking into to Crossfit and maybe I should try it. That was the beginning that very same day I look online and found Roseville Crossfit, I drove there and there was Justin coaching a class, I waited for the class to be over and we talk after talking to him my wife I signed up for the onramp classes and 2 days later my wife and I were on our first onramp class with Amy, we did 3 or 4 classes and by the end of each class all I can think was “I can believe how a simple movement like squatting and burpee can make you feel so bad and help me at all” but then Amy asked us to run 200 meters and I almost pasted out and barely finish 1 round.

At that point I said to myself,  “One day I will run, squat, lift, do a pull up a box jump etc and feel good about.” I made a commitment to myself for my family to take care of me. In order to take care of them, I must be healthy and get in a better condition. I started training 5 days a week most of my WODs were at 8:00 AM and most of the times Justin was coaching only me and rarely one other person. I never look at the WOD online because I knew that that could stop me from going once I see the WOD. Justin definitely was and is one of the reasons I am here and I stick to it and it was very helpful having him on my face yelling “go, go, go one more, one more, you can hate me now but you’ll love me later” or ” put more weight on you barbell” all I can think was get of my face but he never did and he kept me going and for that I thank you Justin.

I was on a roll then Justin decided to take off 6 months and there was a new face Jesse he without doubt has been a big huge inspiration during my WOD hearing his voice during a WOD cheering us not to stop and his famous “get it, get it, get it.” keeps me going and when I think I have no more on me somehow I’m able to pull a few more reps. There are many others that have inspired me like Kenny a great athlete, Tally, Tim, Amy etc that without them I couldn’t be where I am today so “THANK YOU”  for all of your support.

Today I have overcome my liver problems and according to my doctor my blood pressure is equivalent to a 20 year old and she is amaze. I am able to run, squat, lift, row, do pull ups and I am getting stronger, I feel better, I feel like I’m becoming alive and that nothing is impossible if you set your mind to it. Not only Crossfit in general but “Roseville Crossfit ” specificity has become part of my life and there is only one thing I regret and that is I wish I would of discover this years before.

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  1. Miguel… You are such an inspiration to me!!! Thank you for the energy you bring to every workout and always pushing me to do more. So amazed at everything you have accomplished. You are proof that hard work does pay off!!! Thank you for sharing your incredible story!!!

  2. Miguel, I love working out with you. For me, that’s the highest crossfit compliment I can give! I can’t wait to see how much more you progress. Sky is the limit!!
    Another note, Dan Panella, thank you for all the hard work you put in for our athletes at the Sac Town Throwdown. Not only during, but in the weeks leading up to it. I know I performed better and recovered faster because of your care.
    And thanks for your excellent coaching during the endurance wod! I’ll never forget that!!
    Thank you.

  3. Miguel, I always tell you your my idol and I strive to keep up with you. I mean it every time I say it! If you don’t know it I will tell you the truth. Your a role model for veterans and rookies at CFR. On day I will get a faster score than you! Ok, so it might be after you jack up an ankle, but I’ll take it 🙂

  4. Miguel – I loved having you as a teammate! I have to admit that working out with you over the past month was tough though. I had a hard time focusing on my workout because all I wanted to do was watch you crush yours! You are so strong and so fast, I’m just in awe of what you are able to do. Keep up the great work man, you are truly an inspiration!!

  5. Danny- I have no enough words to thank you for all of your help no just during the Sac Town Throwdown but for all of the other times that you help me when I needed the most, Saturday was one of those times that I don’t think I could of perform 100% if it wouldn’t be for you. You don’t need to wait until my ankle is jack up because you are already an amazing athlete.

  6. Thank you everyone I am truly grateful for all of your comments and your support, I couldn’t accomplish any of my goals if I didn’t have so many wonderful people around me keeping me motivated. April you did amazing on Saturday we need to get ready for the next one.

  7. Miguel, we rarely WOD at the same time, but I am always so impressed by your hard work. Thank you for sharing your story with us. Your before and after transformation is amazing. I’m sure the difference you feel in your inner health is EVEN greater! Keep being awesome!

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