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**This Saturday, April 13, CrossFit Roseville is heading out doors. There will be 1 group workout at 9 AM (leave your house at 8:30 and you should make it by 9) at Hidden Falls Regional Park in Auburn, CA. The Washington Blvd location will be closed. This will be a typical Saturday morning workout with no special gear required. The only thing changing is the place. All our welcome!**

Workout of the Day for Friday April 12, 2013

“A Day of Testing”

Pick 3 or more of the following: A strength test, bodyweight test, and a work capacity test. Log your results, set a goal, and make a plan to re-test in couple of months.

Max effort 400 meter run
Max effort 800 meter run
Max effort 1 mile run

Max effort 500 meter row
Max effort 1000 meter row
Max effort 2,000 meter row

Max push ups in 1 minute
Max sit ups in a minute (abmat, feet anchored)
Tabata Squats
Max consecutive kipping pull ups
Max consecutive strict pull ups

Max Clean and Jerk
Max Deadlift
Max weight overhead squat
Max weight bench press
Max Snatch

Max height box jump
Max distance broad jump

Max consecutive double unders

Max weight turkish get up

“Annie” or “Helen” or “Fran” or “Cindy” or “Christine”


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