Burpee Penalty – See Below

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**Wednesday th 27th, there will be two morning workouts, one at 6-7 am and one at 8-9 am and they will be inside Arena Softball (across the parking lot – entrance on other side of building). There is a chance you will be on tv since Fox 40 will be filming some of their morning show there. If you have a CrossFit shirt, wear it!!**

Workout of the Day for Tuesday 01/26/10
Row 5000 meters for time

Athletes waiting for a rower will work the Bear Complex
Watch this video:
Bear Complex WOD…[wmv][mov] If you show up without having watched the video – 30 burpees will be added to your warm-up. Can you name the song and artist?

Stay Balanced

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Workout of the Day for Monday 01/24/09

Complete as many rounds as possible in 12 minutes of:
5 snatch grip deadlifts
5 hang power snatches
5 overhead squats
Run 100m (if raining, 30 double unders)


Remember Why You Train – Big Picture

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Workout of the Day for Saturday 01/23/10

Complete as many rounds as possilble in fifteen minutes of the following triplet:
10 Kettlebell Swings (70/53)
200 meter Run
10 Wall Ball

Remember Why You Train, The Big Picture – Time in the gym is a means to an end, not the end in itself. Most of us have big reasons why we do what we do at the gym, so make sure you remind yourself every once in a while what it is.

Carpe Diem

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Workout of the Day for Friday 01/22/10

Complete Three Max sets of each:
Bodyweight Bench Press
Bodyweight Front Squat
1.5 Bodyweight Deadlift

In no particular order, and not for time. Use a weight you can get over 10 reps for. Finish  with a time trial on the rower, on the run, or with double unders.

Friday’s are athlete’s choice. You are welcome to select an alternate WOD.

Carpe Diem – Life’s to short to waste time doing stuff you don’t like.



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Workout of the Day for Thursday 01/21/10

“Tyson Tabata Mash-up”
4 minutes of:
20 seconds pull-ups
10 seconds rest
20 seconds push-ups
10 seconds rest
4 minutes of:
20 seconds sumo deadlift high pull
10 seconds rest
20 seconds wall ball
10 seconds rest
Then, Repeat.

No rest. 16 minutes straight through. 100% effort every set.

Volunteers Needed at Nor Cal Sectional

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Workout of the Day for Wednesday 01/20/10

Deadlift (225/155)
Handstand Push-ups

The NorCal Sectionals are fast approaching and help is needed. As of 10 days ago, there are almost 400 competitors registered for the event. With all these competitors there is huge need for volunteers. We will need judges, registration help, set up and clean up help, and everything in between. If you are not competing and want free admission and a t-shirt as well as be a part of history register to volunteer. You can do so here! Thanks for your help, we are going to need it.

Between Workouts

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Workout of the Day for Monday 01/18/10

Five rounds for time:
15 Thrusters (135/85)
Run 400 meters

Saturday’s Crew was Focused and had a Great Workout

Your workouts at CrossFit VictriX are an extremely important part of your pursuit of health and fitness. But your success depends on what you do between your workouts just as much as it depends on your workouts. There are several areas of your life that have just as much (if not more) of an impact on your health and fitness then just your workouts. Sleep, stress, diet, alcohol, medications, career pursuits, and your social life all have a major impact on your overall health. If you are out of balance in any of these areas, the benefits from your time in the gym can be minimized. As you examine your athletic weaknesses, don’t forget to examine the rest of your life, being aware of areas that have become out of balance. CrossFit is the best fitness development program in existence. But it is not a miracle program. There is no substitute for consistent and hard work. ultimately, your ability to reach your potential has a lot to do with your consistency in maintaining balance in all areas of your life. Accepting the responsibility you have in your own success is part of a mature approach to health and fitness.

It’s Friday!

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Workout of the day for Friday 01/15/10

For time:
Handstand Push-ups

Handstand push-ups are “nose to floor” and pull-ups are “strict” or non-kipping.

Friday’s are athlete’s choice day. You are welcome to crush the work out above which appeared on crossfit.com on Dec 16, 2009, or you can select a workout that you missed, have wanted to attempt, or even make up your own workout.