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Workout of the Day for Saturday 02/25/12

As Many Rounds As Possible in 20 minutes:
3, 6, 9, 12…
Clean and Jerk, 135/95
Knees to Elbows
Walking Lunge steps (each leg)

Start with, and every 5 minutes run 400 meters

Game Time!!

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Workout of the Day for Friday 02/24/12

CrossFit Games Open 12.1

Complete as many reps as possible in 7 minutes of:

For a downloadable PDF of the workout, click here.

CrossFit Games Open 12.1 workout instructions and demo – video [wmv] [mov] [HD mov]

Workout video demo with Katie Hogan – video [wmv] [mov] [HD mov]

Kristan Clever 128 reps, Rebecca Voigt 107 reps, Katie Hogan 91 reps.
Register and submit your results as part of the CrossFit Games Open.


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Janelle’s Perspective on the STTD

Justin Workout of the Day 2 Comments

CrossFit Open – Sign up by clicking here or going to

The Open will post one workout per week for five weeks, beginning at 5 p.m. PT on February 22. Athletes will have until Sunday at 5 p.m. PT each week to submit their results.

The first workout will not be announced until February 22. CrossFit Roseville will run the open workouts during Friday’s classes and also on Saturday at 10 am for those that miss. Non-members wishing to perform the workouts at CrossFit Roseville and have them validated by CrossFit Roseville can pay a $15 drop in fee per workout.

Workout of the Day for Thursday 2/23/12

5 rounds
Run 400 meters
12 hang cleans, 115/75
9 Pull-ups
6 Toes to Bar

You should be deadlifting, backsquating, and pressing as much as you can! Regarding deadlifts – the posterior chain is where it’s at. Want better olympic lifts – deadlift. Want more back squat – deadlift. Want a strong back – deadlift. Want everything to be easier – deadlift. We cycle through lifts like many successful programs by emphasizing a lift more often then others during different cycles. Trust me, there is a plan and a cycle to all of our programming. If you ever want to know more about it, just ask me. Most of the time it comes right from with supplemental lifting added in, some shorter/heavier workouts, and some longer high volume met-cons. Have you noticed how cycles through long and short met-cons and how they cycle through movements? There was some big differences between December, January and February programming. If you didn’t notice, check it out, it’s quite interesting.

More recently, look at the last couple of weeks of and deadlifts –
On the 3rd – 30 deadlifts at 275#
On the 7th – 105 deadlifts at 185#
On the 19th – 3 deadlifts at max effort

I bet if you did the 30 reps on the 3rd, and then the 105 reps on the 7th, that your max on the 19th would be much improved over a test without the workouts on the 3rd and 7th. That’s how you adapt, that’s how you get stronger, that’s how you get better at deadlifts. But remember, and this is the important part, you have to scale this stuff to your level and you are supposed to be taking rest days. (More isn’t always better when we are talking about CrossFit). 3 days on 1 day off is the advanced prescription for CrossFit workouts. Deviate by adding more at your own risk. For most people, 6 CrossFit type workouts in 7 days is too much. 3-4 would be more ideal for most people and 5 days a week for most advanced people. Listen to your body, take rest when you need it. If you do deadlifts on monday, and then see deadlifts again on Thursday and it makes you worried/angry/sad/depressed/upset/complaining/etc. – than it’s probably a good day to take off.


CrossFit Roseville Coach Janelle Deeds ~

We will receive not what we idly wish for but what we justly earn. ~ Earl Nightingale

The adrenaline is still pumping, somehow. I should be passed out cold after this weekend and yet it is past midnight and I can’t settle in. Rain is steady, night is dark and quiet.

Events of the past two days are still roaring though my head. I am so proud to be a part of the 2012 CF Roseville Masters Team. What a feat it was and we layed it all out there this weekend. Each athlete pushing it to their limit under fatigue and pressure. Outstanding! 5th Place Finishers at the 2012 SacTown Throwdown!

The workouts were announced Friday night, all three (3) of the CF Roseville teams were gathering, the breakdown of work decided, the t-shirts conveyed our intention – sweep the leg! Whoa! It was time. Excitement was in the air.

As with all butterflies, comes anxiety and a bit of worry. What if I ‘fail’? Everyone will see my weakness! I don’t want to let anyone down. Now, reset the conversation in my head …   

  • Set yourself up to WIN. Know the score, know what you want to achieve!  
  • Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe it can achieve. Napoleon Hill – Believe in your best! Even the best of your worst. Get out of your own way, you just might fail until you win, but you’ll never win if you don’t try. What does winning mean? Know the answer.
  • You cannot run away from weakness; you must some time fight it out or perish; and if that be so, why not now, and where you stand? – Robert Louis Stevenson – Yes, we all have them. Weakness. We all have strength too. That is the beauty of teamwork. An accumulation of the whole. Rise above yesterday’s failure and reach forward.
That was it, just let it all go until that morning. Now that all was revealed, it was what it was. Sleep was blissful. Coffee was my haven. Winding through the canyon before daybreak, I started to drill down on my expectations. What would winning (success) mean? Here is what I came up with …  
Have fun for the box, compete for the team, do the work for myself.
Going over all the movements in my head, I set the goals for myself. As a team, we chose the perfect man/woman for the job presented. Each of us having our strengths, it was clear.

I was a bit preoccupied with Meredith’s basketball team at first, they were playing just after our first event. I was sorry to be missing her game, but this weekend it was my turn. I was a CF Master Competitor, not Mrs. Coach of the Pacers.First event for all Masters was the Quad. 3, 2, 1 … GO!The moments were many. The days were spread out but it flew by. Competing, cheering, did I remember to eat and rest?!

By now you have heard multiple accounts of the events ;). You are welcome to visit my online training blog CrossFit Junki for a more detailed account of my weekend ;). Ultimately, it all comes down to how deep you can dig, when the digging gets deep.

In those ‘oh shit’ moments when you need some encouragement, yes, you might need a second to catch your breath and get out of panic mode. That is when it’s just you seemingly alone in the universe. You want to hear everyone, but don’t. It takes all your being to focus. This is HARD and what might be easy for you can be hard for someone else, add in the fatigue of the WODs cumulatively and the game has changed, so play your game, no one elses. Trust yourself and listen to your ‘thinger’ it won’t let you down.

You only know that feeling when you’ve experienced it. Maybe it was during a WOD in the box or a significant life experience before CrossFit. Your life has changed. You never thought you could do that! Now, as you train, you are preparing for the unknown, to respond and not react to whatever comes your way. There will be times when you just might feel crushed, want to cry in that moment because you can’t hang on for one more second or even breath, are way past fatigue but crap … YOU KNOW it counts. How far down can you dig to reset and continue and when you can’t reset you just keep going because it will end soon, you know it! You might want to collapse or cry out, being tested to the absolute limit. Physically, mentally, spiritually. Alas, the blessings are many when you realize you are not alone. These are the moments that define your success as you take your best forward. We are often hardest on ourselves and it is damn hard trying to be what you think everyone else thinks you should be. You make the rules, define yourself and LOVE it. Feel good! It has been earned it. I promise.

Patrick’s Thoughts on the STTD

Justin Workout of the Day 1 Comment

CrossFit Open – Sign up by clicking here or going to

The Open will post one workout per week for five weeks, beginning at 5 p.m. PT on February 22. Athletes will have until Sunday at 5 p.m. PT each week to submit their results.

The first workout will not be announced until February 22. CrossFit Roseville will run the open workouts during Friday’s classes and also on Saturday at 10 am for those that miss. Non-members wishing to perform the workouts at CrossFit Roseville and have them validated by CrossFit Roseville can pay a $15 drop in fee per workout.

Workout of the Day for Wednesday 2/22/12

Ring Work and Rope Climb
Work on your ring skills – ring support, skin the cat, ring dips, inverted hang, levers, muscle-ups/progressions, etc.. ( check out for ideas)
Work on climbing the rope – scaled with a box, no legs, no-leg L hold, different foot wraps, etc.

Work Capacity
Three rounds for time of:
275 pound Deadlift, 10 reps
50 Double-unders

Chuck Carswell 2:46, Andy Bayles 2:56, Leah Polaski 3:06 (198lbs).

WOD Demo with CrossFit Atlanta – video [wmv] [mov] [HD mov]

CrossFit Roseville Coach Patrick Tetsall ~

I tend to be a person of few words, (Right).   What a great time I had at this year’s Sactown Throwdown.  I come into the event with questions about my physical and mental preparedness.  I had some doubts because my training regime had changed along with my work and school schedules.  I almost considered taking some time off from Crossfit and coaching.  What a mistake I would of made had I done this.

This years contest re-ignited a fire in my that was missing over the last couple of months.  Crossfit allows you to decide where you want to go with your fitness.  You can customize you workouts, periodization, and diet.  It can be as challenging as you want or just enough to make you feel good about yourself.  I am very excited for this years games.  I want the newest of the new and the most experienced Crossfitters in our gym to come together to participate in the games this year.  It is a wonderful experience to see yourself overcome your physical and most mental blocks that we put in front of ourselves even before we compete.  Prove to yourself that you have made the right decision in choosing Crossfit as your preferred method of training and that the people of CFRV are the best people to train with.

I want to thank my fellow Masters teammates for the priviledge of competing with them.  I want to thank the other members of the Novice and RX team for the showing the depth of talent at CFRV.  I want to thank Justin for creating an environment that is just like home.  Finally, thanks to all who train at CFRV, it is because of you that I am continuing to coach and becoming more focused than ever to be the best coach, competitor and resource to all of you.

Love you all.


Connie’s Perspective on the STTD

Justin Workout of the Day 2 Comments

CrossFit Open – Sign up by clicking here or going to

The Open will post one workout per week for five weeks, beginning at 5 p.m. PT on February 22. Athletes will have until Sunday at 5 p.m. PT each week to submit their results.

The first workout will not be announced until February 22 at 5 pm. We will attempt this first open workout on Friday during the normally scheduled classes. For those that miss the workout on Friday, you can try it on Saturday at 10 am.

Non-members wishing to perform the workouts at CrossFit Roseville and have them validated by CrossFit Roseville can pay a $15 drop in fee per workout.

Workout of the Day for Tuesday 02/21/12

For time:
30 Handstand push-ups
40 Pull-ups
50 Kettlebell swings, 53/3 pounds
60 Sit-ups
70 Burpees

WOD Demo with CrossFit Los Gatos – video [wmv] [mov] [HD mov]

From CrossFit Roseville Coach Connie Schmidt ~

Wow what can I say about the Sac Town Throwdown? Unbelievable? Inspirational? Motivational? How about all of that and then some.  I can’t explain in words how I was feeling during the weekend but I will make an attempt.  First of all I have to say that we, the competitors gave it all we had.  We came together just a few short weeks before the competition and were able to figure out each other’s strengths and weaknesses.  I know that I could not let my teammates down and I knew they were feeling the same way.  The camaraderie we developed was by far the best feeling in the world.  I have to be honest my approach to this competition was just to have a great time.  I wasn’t worried about getting a “TOP 10” finish but after that first day I wanted it!! I wanted to be on the podium!! I knew that Krista, Seth and Jordan wanted it too becuase we felt like we were the best and could compete at a higher level.  Well, we were right.  Finishing in 6th place after day 1 and then an overall finish of 4th out of 32 teams.  Crazy!! Insane! We did it!! One place away from stepping up on that podium.  Although we didn’t get to take that step, I was so proud of myself and my team members.  I was filled with excitement and had a smile on my face that lasted thoughout the week.
Although ticket prices might have been a little too high and the weather was not cooperating the CrossFit Roseville community came out to support thier competitors.  The amazing number of familiar faces and other spectators was unbelievable.  I know that I would not have done as well without them cheering and screaming for me.  Thier support drove me to complete several 105lb snatches during the atlas stone/snatch event.  During the warm up for that event I could not get that bar over my head and I was scared.  I felt like I was going to go out there and let everyone down.  The exact opposite happened.  I grabbed that bar with the strength of everyone else behind it and got it over my head.  I heard everyone yelling “YES” as I locked out another rep.  Thank you to all that were there for us.  I also wanted to say thank you to the CrossFit Roseville members that volunteered for the event.  You guys did an awesome job!!
I was also that proud spectator as I cheered on Brooke, Amy, Jesse and Justin in the Open Division and Danene, Janelle, Patrick and Geoff in the Masters Division.  They did a phenomanal job and it was an honor to compete next to these athletes.
The most important person that I had supporting me throughout the weekend, was my husband Adam.  We both have a passion for CrossFit and I can’t tell him how much it means to me to have had him there cheering me on.  He pushes me to be better and always tells me, “You can” when I say, “I can’t.”  Thank you, Adam!!
I look forward to training with everyone in future.  The CrossFit community is something that can’t be explained but it has become an important part of my life.

Amy’s Take on the STTD

Justin Workout of the Day 5 Comments

Workout of the Day for Friday 2/17/12

Work Capacity
Seven rounds for time of:
7 Front squat, 165/105 pounds
7 Chest-to-bar pull-ups

4-8 rounds of:
400 meter run or 500 meter row
90 seconds rest

Amy’s Perspective
First of all, I thought the Throwdown was A-W-E-S-O-M-E and I truly enjoyed every moment of it.  I liked the workouts, the venue, the vendors, the team atmosphere, etc.  I could go on and on, but here are the things that were really cool for ME:
1-  My husband was there!  Although Chris thinks it is nice that I enjoy working out, I know he wonders what I could possibly do at the gym for hours at a time 3-4 days a week.  Believe me – I tell him, but I am pretty certain he tunes me out after the first several minutes of my explanation.  However, after the Throwdown,  he must realize that all those hours translate into totally cool skills that mean nothing to most people in the real world (like walking on my hands, completing a muscle-up, climbing a rope using only my arms, picking up a heavy concrete ball, etc)!
2- My kids were there!  This was great – not because I wanted them to come cheer mom on but because they got to see and experience it.  They got to see real men and women working together as a team, pushing one another, and persisting when it was really, really difficult.  Although I try to teach my kids the value and importance of all these things, seeing the power of teamwork, friendship, encouragement, and sheer will and determination means so much more.  I am also hoping that my daughter learns that being a physically and mentally tough woman is a really good thing.  (Thanks, Annie)!
3- Finally, I realized that the people I work out with are unbelievably sub-human and have hearts made of gold (competitor or not).  Whenever I think that life is overwhelming or that I am facing a problem I am not sure I can conquer, I am going to remember the faces of all my teammates as they painstakingly completed each workout and all the family/friends that were screaming from the sidelines willing us to the finish.
What does all this mean?  It means I am going to continue practicing cool tricks that mean nothing to most normal people.  It also means that if my house is on fire or I am trapped under a burning car, I am not going to call 9-1-1.  I am going to call my peeps at CFRV because they will do whatever it takes and they won’t give up.
Thank you for your daily encouragement and a great weekend!

Seth’s Perspective on STT

Justin Workout of the Day 3 Comments

**CrossFit Roseville wants you!!!… to compete in the CrossFit Open. Last year, 26,000 CrossFitters from around the world took part. Sign up at and select CrossFit Roseville as your affiliate.  Rookie? Veteran? It doesn’t matter. You will have fun, learn about yourself, be challenged, and hey, this is what CrossFitters do – they workout! We will be doing the workouts during the week, so you might as well register online and track your results. We are in the Nor Cal Region – where it all began. The toughest region in the world!  Sign up now!**


Workout of the Day for Thursday 2/16/12

5 @ 65%, 5 @ 75%, 5 @ 85%

Work Capacity
As many rounds as possible in 10 minutes:
10 Hand Release Push-ups
10 Box Jumps 24″/20″

Well, here’s my experience from this past weekend’s competition.  First off, the camaraderie was amazing.  Crossfit Roseville had a great turnout of athletes, and an even greater turnout of spectators all there to yell us to victory.  It was amazing to see all the friendly faces there.  Even more amazing, was when I looked up during an event, or during one of my teammate’s events, it wasn’t just Crossfit Roseville people yelling for us.  Whether it was Danene’s inspirational set of lunges that brought her to tears, yet kept her pushing on, Patrick’s utter domination of the masters sandbag thrusters/bar muscle-ups, or any number of our other athlete’s performances, EVERYONE was yelling for us.  People we knew, people we didn’t know…it was a great atmosphere; it was awesome.  They see strong work, desire, motivation, and an in-dominatable spirit, and it inspires THEM, and they lend that energy back to us during our events.  I loved every minute of it.

I, like Jesse wrote in his post, had my weaknesses exposed during this competition.  Our novice team’s first event, the gymnastics ladder, had many skills involved.  I have a background in some of these movements, and tried to lend what knowledge I had to the rest of our CF Roseville competitors.  Moving on to our second event, the Quad-tathlon, was where I was truly exposed.  This event was 250 double-unders, 1 mile row, 75 burpees, and 1 mile run.  Running and rowing aren’t my strong points.  After some confusion with the judges that cost us precious seconds (they were confused…we actually had ourorder correct), I ended up being the last of the group to finish 3 consecutive parts of that workout, giving me zero rest and forcing me to continue pressing on.  My run was absolutely horrid, as my feet felt they were encased in concrete.  But as horrendous as I perceived my contribution to be, Jordan saved the day on this workout, nearly sprinting his mile run, and   negating the fact that my feet couldn’t be willed to move any faster.  In the end, we finished fine, but only because we pulled together as a team and completed the workout together.

Which brings me to the final point of what I learned from this weekend.  The team is what matters, bar-none.  I should have listened to the advice I gave another of our Crossfit Roseville members at the games when they were upset.  Everyone has their strong points, and everyone has their weaknesses. That’s why we are part of a team, so that we can  excel in some places, and need help in others.  We would not have done so well without the teammates we had, and we would not have gotten to the finals had we not been worthy.  But we fought for it, and we got there, and that was nothing to hang our heads in shame over.  Jordan did it for me in the Quad-tathlon, and I’m sure at some point over the weekend, every teammate of the three Crossfit Roseville teams picked up a small bit of slack for someone else along the way, making us all stronger in the end.  I’ve learned my weaknesses, and what I need to work on to overcome them.  But I’ve also seen my strengths, both physically and mentally, and how to apply those to the competitive side of the sport.

I was truly blessed to be part of the Crossfit Roseville team this weekend, and had a great time doing it.  From the athletes I competed with, to those that were on our other teams yelling for us, to Justin for doing a fantastic job of getting us ready for this event by exposing us to everything he knows, I thank you all for the experience of the Throwdown.  I look forward to competing as part of that team again in the future.

-Seth Talbot

Danene’s Thoughts on STTD

Justin Workout of the Day 8 Comments

Workout of the Day for Wednesday 2/15/12

Speed, Power, & Coordination
Split Snatch

Work Capacity
Seven rounds for time of:
7 Deadlift, 225/155
7 L-pull-ups

Graham Holmberg 7:48

WOD Demo with CrossFit 101 – video [wmv] [mov]

Danene had this to day about last weekend.

I am so very fortunate to have been able to participate on the masters’ team for CrossFit Roseville in this year’s SacTown Throwdown.  I am sure we all have been asked “what is CrossFit”.  The response “constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity” really does not answer that question.  You can tell people that we row, run, lift weights, jump on boxes, do pull ups and push ups etc., but that really does not answer the question either.  There really are no words to describe amazing people doing amazing things with encouragement and camaraderie from not just people from your gym, but literally everyone involved.

The people from CrossFit Roseville represented the sport so well this weekend.  It was such a thrill to see it all take place.  We all know how strong our people are, but to see them doing things like lifting giant concrete balls to their shoulders or pulling a 4000 pound police car around a track and laughing about it later is just incredible.  It is also difficult to describe how great it was seeing our strong athletes as event volunteers, or hearing their voices yelling from the sidelines.  I especially want to thank my amazing teammates Janelle, Geoff and Patrick, but everyone involved made this such an incredible experience for me, and I am very thankful.

When I think back to how I was when I started CrossFit, and how things are now, I have to laugh.  I remember thinking I would never even get through the warm ups!  If someone had told me then that someday I could do the things I did this weekend, I never would have believed them.   I really do believe that CrossFit is for everyone, and I hope I am lucky enough to be doing it many, many years down the road.   But for now, time to get stronger with everyone at CrossFit Roseville!

Jesse’s Perspective on the STTD

Justin Workout of the Day 2 Comments

Workout of the Day for Tuesday 2/14/12

“Quadtatholon” from the 2012 Sac Town Throwdown
75 Burpees
250 Double Unders
1,600 Meters Row
1 mile Run

Here is Jesse’s perspective on last weekends event.

My Fitness was put to the test this weekend at the Sactown Throwdown along
with my team mates: Justin, Brooke, and Amy; and our masters and novice

Training for a competition of unknown and unknowable events meant we had
to be ready for any functional movement, to move large loads over long
distances and to do so quickly. Justin programed some awesome team
training sessions beforehand that brought us closer together and helped us
to be mentally prepared for the competition ahead.

The competition at the Throwdown is the best around. The spectators and
judges are mostly CrossFitters at their local boxes adding to the spirit
of the competition and the friendly camaraderie. I find out before my
first event that Jason Khalipa and Patrick Barber are on a team that I get
to compete against‹how Bad*ss is that!?!

My weaknesses are quickly exposed in my first WOD, a combination 1 minute
Atlas Stone Ladder (I have never picked up an atlas stone) and 3 minute
AMRAP body weight snatch (which is my 1 rep PR). Amy is my partner for
this event and crushes her stones and snatches like a true competitor!
Justin and Brooke are ready for “Tour de Helen” and as soon as we finish
they push hard on the watt bike, dumbbell ground-to-overhead, and
chest-to-bar version of Helen.

The four of us recover while cheering on the competition and screaming for
our masters and novice team mates before we compete in the Gymnastics
Ladder in the afternoon composed of 13 different gymnastics skills. The
gymnastics ladder seems kind of silly but proves a good test of competency
and again exposes one of my weaknesses: the handstand walk.

It is hard to not excel in any event, especially with team mates counting
on my performance. But I can’t think of a better motivator to improve my
training than to have my weaknesses come out in competition. I am
definitely more motivated to crush my weaknesses and come back stronger!

The support of our fellow Roseville Members helped to push me through the
long “Quadtathalon” event at the end of day 1. The long event had each of
us doing 75 burpees, a 1 mile run, a 1 mile row, and 250 double unders!
Our strategy goes out the window and we have to adapt at the last minute.
But we power through the workouts together and finish in the top of our

Both our Novice and Masters team qualify for Day 2 of the competition to
endure the cop car pull and chipper events, placing 4th and 5th in their
divisions! Congratulations to Jordan, Seth, Krista and Connie for their
outstanding 4th place finish, and, to Geoff, Patrick, Janelle, and Danene
for their amazing 5th place finish!

CrossFit Roseville had a great showing at this event‹proof of our hard
work and the amazing people that we train with every day. I had a blast in
my first competition and I am thankful for the event hosts, the
volunteers, and the members of our box who push me to continually be
better. I look forward to the next event, until then… time to get

Jesse Phillips

Sac-Town Throwdown Results

Justin Workout of the Day 4 Comments

Workout of the Day for Monday 2/13/12

Back Squat
5-5-5 (65%, 75%, 85%)

Work Capacity
21-15-9 reps of:
Clean 135/95 pounds
Ring dips

WOD Demo from the Level 1 Course at CrossFit Oahu – video [wmv] [mov]

CrossFit EST on today’s WOD – video [wmv] [mov]

The Sac-Town Throwdown was this weekend at the Placer County Fairgrounds. This is the 3rd year of the event and CrossFit Roseville has been in all 3. Here are the Final Standings.

CrossFit Roseville athletes were impressive.

The Novice team (Jordan, Seth, Krista, and Connie) took 4th place out of 32 teams.

The Masters team (Geoff, Patrick, Danene, and Janelle) took 5th place our of 36 teams.

The Open team (Jesse, Justin, Amy, and Brook) came in 25th place out of 36 teams.

Each athlete gave it their all. It was an amazing weekend full of some great great memories. We had tons of people out there supporting us and that made a huge different.

As the head coach of CrossFit Roseville, I couldn’t be more proud of the performances of all our athletes and I couldn’t be more grateful for the people representing our community to the Nor Cal CrossFit community.

You can expect to see more reports on the experience and you may just get to try out some of the workouts yourself in the next couple of weeks!