Body Fat Test Day

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Workout of the Day for Monday 03/01/10 

Push Press
3 rounds of:
21 Kettlebell Swings
21 Knees To Elbows
21 Double Unders

Today, Mobile Wellness will be on site with their Bod Pod body fat testing device.  Try to have as much fun as this lady.

Check out Faith and Kelsey!

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Workout of the Day for Saturday 02/27/10

5 Rounds for Time:
4 Hang Squat Clean Thrusters  (155/105)
3 Rounds of “Cindy” (5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, 15 squats)

Check out Faith and Kelsey’s interview in the middle of this video about the Sactown Throwdown which appeared on the main page on Thursday 2/25/10.

SacTown Throwdown – video [wmv] [mov]

I copied this from CrossFit East Sacramento’s website….but guess what, it works for us too!

Our group will be staying at the Embassy Suites in Santa Clara about 5 miles away from the Nor Cal Sectionals at Archbishop Mitty High School.  I have booked a block of rooms for us checking in on Friday March 26th and checking out on Sunday March 28th.  The rooms are two room suites with one king bed in one room and a pull out queen couch bed in the other.  The price is $89 per night and includes complimentary full breakfast.  

Booking instructions:
If you are going to stay with our group, do not book your hotel through the web, you won’t get as good of a rate, and you will probably end up in the smoking section of the hotel.  Call Aviva Foster at 408-845-7231  or call 408-845-7206 and tell them you are with the CrossFit VictriX group.

Daily WOD

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Workout of the Day for Friday 02/26/10

Complete as many repetitions in five minutes as you can of:
Clean and Overhead (155/95)

Reminds me of Denise

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Workout of the Day for Wednesday 02/24/10

Clean, 1 rep
Bench press, 1 rep
Overhead squat, 1 rep

Nicole Carrol, CrossFit Director of Training, has been a source of inspiration for many people for a long time. If you know what gym that is in the picture and if you ever worked out there, post it in comments. I worked out there about 6 times – Kirill puked there and got a free shirt – great memories.

The Last of the Four

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Workout of the Day for Monday 02/22/10

For time:
15 Deadlift (225/135)
50 Pull-ups
12 Deadift (225/135)
40 Pull-ups
9 Deadlift (225/135)
30 Pull-ups
6 Deadlift (225/135)
20 Pull-ups
3 Deadlift (225/135)
10 Pull-ups

Level 1 – Scale Deadlift Weight, Banded Pull-up/Body Row sets shall be: 20, 15, 10, 5, 0
Level 2 – Scale Deadlift Weight, Banded Pull-up/Body Row sets shall be: 30, 25, 20, 15, 10
Level 3 – As Rx’d
Level 4 – Increase Deadlift Weight

If you work out at CrossFit VictriX, chances are you have worked out with Faith. She’s been to every class on the schedule. Faith epitomizes the CrossFit spirit with her Intensity, Drivenness, and Self-Discipline. She was part of the first 30-day Paleo challange ever done at CrossFit VictriX and out of about 7 people, she was the only one that completed the challenge! Thanks for representing CrossFit VictriX at the Sactown Throwdown.

CrossFit SAC Innagural WOD Sunday at 3 PM

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Workout of the Day for Saturday 02/13/10

“Nasty Girls”
3 rounds
50 Squats
7 Muscle-ups
10 Hang Power Cleans (135/95)

Nasty Girls [wmv][mov] Nasty Guys [wmv]/[mov]

Stacey is an intense athlete with an extensive competive background. At the Sac Town Throwdown, she did 75 GHD Sit-ups in 135 seconds – THAT IS WAY OVER THE SPEED LIMIT!!

It’s WOD time at the newest CrossFit Gym in the Sacramento region – CrossFit SAC. Sunday 3:00 pm, let’s go check out Dave’s box and put some sweat on the floor!

4755 Auburn Boulevard, Sacramento, CA 95842