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Workout of the Day for Thursday 07/14/11

10 rounds of the triplet:
5 pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Squats

21 Power Clean
21 Knees to elbows
15 Power Clean
15 Knees to elbows
9 Power Clean
9 Knees to elbows

Run 1 mile

Just another 6 pm class at CrossFit Roseville. Why aren’t you here? Harden up, get in, get some, and enjoy the results. Or…..continue to grow cobwebs, get fat, get weak, and feel bad.


Workout of the Day for Wednesday 07/13/11

Front Squat 185/115 pounds

From CrossFit East Sac

Filet Mignon Anyone?
Picture 2Why does your back hurt?  How come every time you tell us your back hurts we ask if you have been stretching your hips?  Why don’t you listen to what we say and live a pain free life?  The real answer is because you just don’t get it.  When we ask you if you been stretching your hip flexors, you say no.  Why would you, its not your hips that hurt, its not your front, its your back.  You probably think to yourself, coach must be crazy or just not listening to me.  No.  You just aren’t listening because you don’t get it.

The picture on the left shows your hip flexors or your psoas, also known in the meat industry as filet mignon.  I am hoping by showing you the anatomy of this muscle, the disconnection you have between hip flexors and back pain will fade away.  They attach right onto your freakin spine for crying out loud!

All day long you sit on a chair or a couch.  As you do this, the distance from your femur to your spine, where psoas connects, is short and therefor the muscle is short.  Because you spend 12+ hours a day in this short hip position, your hip flexor becomes tight and knotted up in that position.  When its time to stand up and exercise, these muscles want to remain in that short and tight position that they are accustomed to.  With the hip flexors tight and ropey under tension, the entire lumbar spine is being pulled on in an un-natural way.  Remember, sitting in chairs is un-natural, we are made to squat.  The tension from the hip flexors can show up in the spine itself, or in the sacro-illiac (SI) joint.

The probelm with your back actually has nothing to do with your back.  The problem is that you have a grissely piece of flank steak where you nice tender filets are supposed to be.

So now that you know what the problem is, stop wining about it, get off your arse, and do something about it.  Okay, what do I do you might ask?  Watch the following video, then sign up for the Movement and Mobility Certification  If your back hurts, its all well worth your time.



Workout of the Day for Tuesday 07/12/11

Push Jerk


A lil bit o “Small”
For time:
Row 1000 meters
50 Burpees
50 Box jumps, 24″ box
Run 800 meters

Qualities you find in a champion (according to the CrossFit Roseville tribe):
1. Perseverance
2. Encouraging of Others
3. Focus/Mindset
4. Dedication/Burning Passion
5. Determination/Drive
6. Integrity/Honesty
7. Humility
8. Creativity
9. Ability to Adapt/Flexibility
10. Righteous
11. Compassion
12. Tiger’s Blood
13. Having a Plan
14. Accountability

Taylor Nelson

Workout of the Day for Monday 07/11/11


Complete as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of:
5 Pull-ups
10 Ring Dips/Push-ups
20 Wall ball shots, 20/14 pound ball

Check out Taylor. Her volleyball team took a silver medal at the Junior Olympics in Atlanta this year. And Taylor got  selected for All Tournament. Taylor said her workouts at CrossFit Roseville helped her have the endurance and stamina all the way through the tournament and through the last game. Nice work Taylor!!


Explosive Power

Workout of the Day for Friday  7/8/11

2 Power Snatch on the minute for 15 minutes

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9nc4DpIzns8] [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BirIEDYrw0Y&feature=player_embedded]


Nothing Prevents

Workout of the Day for Thursday 7/7/11

For time:
21 Deadlift, 225/155 pounds
50 Squats
21 Push press, 135/95 pounds
15 Deadlift, 225/155 pounds
50 Squats
15 Push press, 135/95 pounds
9 Deadlift, 225/155 pounds
50 Squats
9 Push press, 135/95 pounds

When Coach Tetsall arrived late for Wednesday morning’s 6 am class, he found a pack of CrossFit Roseville athletes getting it done in the parking lot. There are some people who when they make an appointment with themselves to train for life, nothing prevents that from happening. These 6 people, even though the door was locked and there was no coach present did not let a little thing like that prevent them from actively pursuing a higher level of fitness. That is the kind of strength through adversity that pumps me up. Nothing can prevent you from pursuing a higher level of living unless you let it. Do you let little mishaps and things not going according to plan hijack your pursuits? Or are you the kind of person that charges forward regardless? Or maybe you are in the process of becoming…

For July 5

Workout of the Day for Tuesday 07/05/11


Five rounds for time of:

95 pound Thruster, 15 reps

15 Bar-facing burpees

Independence Day

CrossFit Roseville will have an open gym on Monday July 4 from 8-10 am. Come in whenever you can but give yourself time to complete the wod before 10 am.

Enjoy your 4th of July after you come in and tackle Coach Andy’s WOD creation.

“Independence Day”
5 rounds for time of:
4 Burpees
7 Deadlift
13 Pull-ups
17 Wallball, 20/14 pounds
76 meter spring

Advanced Handgun Tips: Indexing from Target to Target” with Dave Re and Dave Castro, CrossFit Journal preview video [wmv] [mov]

Saturday July 9 – CrossFit Roseville How to Shoot: Pistol Class 101


Eat Veggies and Lift Weights

Workout of the Day for Friday 07/01/11

12, 9, 6, 3 reps of:
Power Clean, 185/135 lbs
Ring Dips

Go Heavy!!!

Advanced Handgun Tips: Speed Draw” with Dave Re and Dave Castro,CrossFit Journal preview video [wmv] [mov]

Saturday July 9 – CrossFit Roseville How to Shoot: Pistol Class 101

From CrossFit Verve – Bone Remodeling

Did you know that your skeleton is brand new every ten years?  It’s true, bone is living tissue and is continually going through a remodeling process.  Just like when our home becomes old and we remodel the kitchen, when our bones become old the body replaces it with new bone.  This process is called remodeling.  In this process there are two big players; osteoblasts and osteoclasts.  Osteoclasts remove bone or are more commonly thought of as the vehicle that steals calcium from the bones, to use where it is needed in the body.  Osteoblasts deposit new bone or take absorbed calcium and deposit it to form new bone.  A bone remains dense when osteoclasts are removing bone from the inside and osteoblasts are depositing bone on the outside at a balanced rate.

One big factor in keeping this system in balance is stress.  Remodeling and the formation of additional bone can modify the strength of bone in direct response to the amount of stress that is applied to it.  Stress to the bone increases osteoblast activity in the bone tissue.  A removal of stress decreases osteoblast activity. Stress is defined as load bearing.  Does it feel heavy, if yes then you might be able to call it stress.  This is why swimming is not in the top running for sports for your grandma should pick up.

Calcium and Bone Health

In the US calcium intakes are one of the highest in the world.  However, the US also has one of the highest rates of bone de-mineralization (osteoporosis or muted osteoblast activity, increased osteoclast activity).  Bone mineral content is dependent on not just on calcium intake (where we focus our attention), but on a net calcium balance (intake – excretion).

Excretion is initiated by MANY factors, however they are mostly diet and exercise related.  Calcium needs to maintain a base level in the blood.  If you go below the base level you die.  No joke!  This is probably why the human body was designed with one big calcium storage (the skeleton) to keep these levels in balance.  You see calcium is not only used to make bone, but it initiates muscle contraction (this includes the heart), blood clotting and the release of neurotransmitters.  It’s pretty darn important, imagine ANY of those functions being blocked.  No calcium in the blood, muscles stop contracting, heart stops, you die, nuf said.

Dietary calcium excretion from bone is dependent on acid/base balance. All foods upon digestion ultimately must report to the kidney as either acid or base. When the diet yields a net acid load, the acid must be buffered by the alkaline stores of base in the body. Calcium salts in the bones represent the largest store of alkaline base in the body and are depleted and eliminated in the urine when the diet produces a net acid load. The highest acid-producing foods are hard cheeses, cereal grains, salted foods, soda (diet included), meats, and legumes, where as the only alkaline, base-producing foods are fruits and vegetables. Because the average American diet is overloaded with grains, cheeses, salted processed foods, soda and fatty meats at the expense of fruits and vegetables, it produces a net acid load and promotes bone de-mineralization. By replacing hard cheeses, cereal grains, and processed foods with plenty of green vegetables and fruits, the body comes back into acid/base balance which brings us also back into calcium balance. Diets containing high acidity contribute to the development of osteoporosis and renal stones, loss of muscle mass, and age-related renal insufficiency due to the body’s use of calcium to buffer pH.

What promots calcium intake and bone density? Eat your veggies and lift weights.

Reference: Anatomy & Physiology eighth edition, Seeley, Stephens, and Tate, 2008.