The #1 Obstacle to Reaching Your Health & Fitness Goal: Time

Recently I asked the question, “What’s your #1 obstacle to reaching your health and fitness goal?”

And the most common answer (after “Donuts” hahaha) was “Time”.

Sometimes it is just a season of life where we need to sacrifice our workouts for our friends & families, our jobs, our homes, etc. But, if it is longer than a season, then it is usually a priority issue.

Most people agree that we need: physical, relational, emotional, and spiritual health. And that physical health is often a catalyst to improving the others. So why do we let our priorities stop us from improving our health and fitness?

On a plane flight, we’re instructed to put our oxygen mask on first, before we try to help others (children, family, friends, etc.) because at 35,000 ft. we have only seconds of useful consciousness before hypoxia sets. If we tried to help others to put on their mask before we put on our own we would begin to lose our ability to recognize faces, shapes, and perform even basic logic, until we pass out from lack of oxygen.

In our day to day life it’s not always so simple to see when we are giving so much of ourselves for others that we end up sacrificing our health in the process. When we de-prioritize our health and fitness for too long we are left an empty tank with nothing left to give to anyone else.

Make sure to schedule time for yourself! Imagine when you are your best self, full of energy, loaded with confidence, and stress free. How much would this help you with your relationships? How much more effective would you be at your job? How much less time would you spend worrying about life and instead focus on enjoying life?

Make a decision to re-prioritize your health and fitness to be a better parent, friend, boss, co-worker.

The people in your life need your help. Just be sure to put your oxygen mask on first.