10 Reasons Not to Train at CrossFit Placer

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Workout of the Day for Tuesday 09/15/09

21 Thrusters (95/65)
21 Pull-ups
Run 800m
15 Thrusters (95/65)
15 Pull-ups
Run 400m
9 Thusters (95/65)
9 Pull-ups
Run 200m

Inspired by Hyperfit USA
10 Reasons Not to Train at CrossFit Placer
10. They are too motivated.
The people who train there have a purpose. You can’t just show up and “chit chat” while wandering around from machine to machine. They are actually in pursuit of health and fitness with goals. The members show up ready to work!
9. They train too hard. You actually sweat and breathe hard every workout. It’s hard to read a magazine working out at this place.
8. You have to learn and develop new skills. You can’t show up and sit on the bike or watch TV on the stairmaster. You have to learn new skills and do them correctly. Who wants to learn and be coached?
7. They don’t give a hoot about your excuses. The response to excuses is alwyas the same, “3,2,1 go!” Excuses may work on the golf course, but they sure don’t work here.
6. Negativity is squashed. Complainers and those with bad attitudes definitely will not fit in here.
5. No mirrors, treadmills, machines, TV’s, and no supplements (that actually work against your long term health and fitness) for sale. They are just way to focused on measurable, real, and lasting results.
4. They are just to strict and a trainer is constantly watching everything you do while coaching you. Full range of motion is monitored. Proper body mechanics are required in all movements. Don’t you really just want to do your own thing your own way?
3. Progress is expected. Weaknesses are addressed. Who wants to consistently get better?
2. They don’t let you quit on yourself during hard workouts. Yes, results happen quickly and steadily, but wouldn’t you rather just stay the way you are?
1. It is in a garage. Who wants to get back to the basics with real equipment, good coaching, and a functional training program when you can do laps in your car around the parking lot of the globo big box “fitness” center and then wait for your turn on the latest fad machine?

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