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10 min AMRAP:
30 Dubz
4 Inch-Worm-Up-Dawg
5 Burpee Box Jump Over
6 Strict Pull-Up
7 KB Swing
90 Second: Partner Thoracic Stretch, Or: Peanut
15 PVC Passthrough

Ring Shoulder Stability:
1 Round of 3 Reps each:
A, T, Y, T, W
Ring Row Tempo: 2012

Workout of the day for Tuesday, October 27th, 2015:
Box Jump 24/20
Push Press 50% 1RM

3 Rounds:
3-5 Reps Ring Shoulder Stability
Front Lever Pulses
Back Lever Pulses

10 min Calve Stretch Seq:
90 Seconds straight, each
90 Seconds, turned out, each
90 Seconds, turned in, each

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