**Download the 2015 Super Hero Nutrition Game Packet!!!

**Grab Your Super Hero Nutrition Game Packet! You have one week to read-through and sign-Up. You must pay by November 15th to play.

“Death by 10 Meters”
*Beginning at round 5

Toes-2-Bar Progression:
5 Rounds, 2-Sec. Pause at Each Position:
Activate Lats
Tuck Knees
Roll Hips Up

Workout of the day for Monday, November 9th, 2015:
2 Rounds of:
2 Minutes Max Front Rack Lunge 95/65-lb
1 Minutes Rest

Followed immediately by:
18 min AMRAP:
12 Strict C2B
6 Alt. Dumbell Snatch 50/35-lb
12 Strict Ring Dip
6 Alt. Dumbell Snatch 50/35-lb
12 Strict Toes-2-Bar
6 Alt. Dumbell Snatch 50/35-lb

“After Party”
Partner Stretching:
90 Seconds, each movement, each partner:

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