Workout of the day for 8AM, Saturday, December 19th:
Clean Technique, Add Weight Each Set:
2×3 Tall Clean.
2×3 High-Hang Clean, 1-Inch Dip, Focus on finishing the drive, then the 3rd Pull.
3×2 Hang Clean, pull from mid-thigh
3×1 Hang Clean, pull from 1-inch Below the knee.

15 Min, Build to a heavy Clean & Jerk

Workout of the day for 9AM, Saturday, December 19th:

Group Sled Push, 400M 140-lb Race*!
* 10 Air Squats or 5 burpees (for the whole team) Every time you switch the pusher

4 Rounds for time of:
400m run
40 Front Rack Lunge 155/105
40 Dubz