Training Plan Wod for Wednesday, September 13th, 2017

Wod with the Class:
Teams of 2:
2k Row
1 Mile Burden Run w/sandbag, or Wallball
2k Row

*Partners can switch on the row and trade-off the burden run as desired

Hang Snatch Complex*:
1 Snatch High Pull +
1 Power Snatch +
1 Snatch

6 x 1 @ 65% 1RM

*Begin Hang at the knee. Increase 2.5-5kg each week

5 Rounds:
10 Shovel Deadlift (each side)
10 Side-Plank Reach-Through
10 Toes-2-Bar

OHS, Strict Press, Weighted Pull-Up, Sumo Deadlift:

*Begin with the 5-rep number from the usual 2 x 5 workout. Then add some weight for three reps, and finally add some weight for two reps. Be sure to get the double.

Most people on this program find that this workout is the test for how things are progressing. The weights should begin to fly up on the double. That’s good, but stop there.

Remember, this is a long-term approach to getting strong. Don’t keep testing yourself.