Training Plan for Monday, December 18th, 2017:

Wod With Class:
3 Rounds of Backsquat:
70% x 5
75% x 3
85% x 1+

Complete a set of Backsquat every 2 minutes for 9 rounds. The goal on the plus set is 6-9 reps. If you can easily get 12 reps, increase your 1RM and recalculate your percentages. If you cannot get 6-9 reps, lower your 1RM and recalculate your percentages. Pick a “Goat” to superset with in-between rounds.

4 Min AMRAP:
20 Burpee
20 Box Jump

B. 200M Farmer Carry 79/53-lb

4 Min AMRAP:
20 KB Swing 79/53-lb
20 Toes-2-Bar

D. 200M Farmer Carry 79/53-lb

Midline Stability:
5 Rounds:
10 Glute Ham Raise
50ft Sandbag Bearhug Walk 150/100-lb
10 Back-Hip Extension
50 Side-Plank Reach Through (25/Side)