**Reminder: No 5:30 & 6:30 classes tonight. Christmas party starts at 6:30pm!

2018 CFRV Christmas Party

Dynamic Group Warm-Up
Frog (1 min)
Frog Rocks (1 min)
Single Leg Frog(1 Min/side)
90/90 (1 min)

Front Squat 45/45-lb
Ring Row

Skill: Front Squat Bar Path

Workout of the Day for Friday, December 14th, 2018:
Front Squat (15 min):
Build to Today’s heavy 1RM

5 Rounds:
30 Sec. On/30 sec Off, alt*:
• Cal Row
• Russian KB Swing 70/53-lb
• Cal Bike, or ski
• DB Thruster 50/35-lb

*Score is total reps accumulated for each of the four movements over all 5 Rounds.

Sweat Sessions Workout for Friday, December 14th, 2018:
Group Hip Opener
Banded Hip Distraction (2 min/side)

5 x 4 Minute AMRAP*:
30 Alt. DB Snatch
30 Abmat Sit-Up
30 Air Squat
30 Cal Bike, or Row

*2 Min Rest Between Rounds