Nate Cleaver at CrossFit Roseville

Dynamic Group Warm-Up
KB Calve Smash
Group Hip Opener
Side-Roll SMR

5 Min AMRAP:
Abmat Sit-Up

Skill: Strict HSPU Technique & Scaling Progressions

Workout of the Day for Monday, January 7th, 2018:
32 Min EMOM:
• 2 Strict Weighted Pull-Up
• Max DB Box Step-Up 50/35-lb
• 5 Strict HSPU* Tempo:70X1
• Max Cal Bike, or Ski

*Add a Deficit to Increase difficulty each round.

Sweat Sessions Workout for Monday, January 7th, 2018:
Hip Opener
Side-Roll SMR

Skill: Hip Hinge

20 min AMRAP:
7 Dumbbell Thruster (Heavy)
7 “See-The-Light” Sit-Up
7 Sumo KB Deadlift (Heavy, Double or Single)
7 Box Jump
7 Pull-Up
7 Calorie Row/Bike/Ski