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Dynamic Group Warm-Up
Side-Roll SRM

3 Rounds:
10 Burpee
10 Box Jump
7 Scap Raise
7 Scap Push-Up
7 PVC Passthrough

Skill: Jefferson Curl
3 x 5 Jefferson Curl

Workout of the day for Tuesday June 18th, 2019:
Gymnastics Skill Work*
(Week 1)
5 Rounds, Every 90 Sec complete a set of:
• Strict Pull-Up
• Kipping Pull-Up
• Kipping C2B
• Bar Muscle-Up
• Muscle-Up

*Which movement do you need to work on the most? Stick to this movement for all 5 round. (If you can’t do 7 consecutive reps don’t move on to the next more difficult movement).

In 15 Min Complete*:
3 Rounds:
350m Row
25/20 Push-Ups
15 Deadlift 225/155-lb

*With Remaining Time: Build to 3RM Deadlift