CrossFit Roseville Fitness For Life

Dynamic Group Warm-Up
Frog Stretch
Plate Ankle Mobility
Hip Flexor Stretch
Thoracic Mobility

3 Rounds:
Squat Clean + Thruster
Back Squat + Thruster

1 Round: Extended Side-Butt

Workout of the day for Friday August 16th, 2019:
Clean & Jerk:
12 Min, Build to a Heavy Single

5 Rounds (15 min cap):
1 Round Bear Complex 95/65-lb* **
21/15 Cal Ski/Bike/Row

*1 Round Bear Complex 7 Reps Each:
Power Clean +
Front Squat +
Push Press +
Backsquat +
Push Press

**You may merge movements. You may drop the bar between sets.

Sweat Sessions Workout for Friday August 16th, 2019:
Frog Stretch Sequence
Couch Stretch
Pigeon Stretch

24 min AMRAP:
30 Box Jumps
30 DB Snatch
30 Tuck-Ups
30 DB Bent Over Row
30 Plate G2OH