2019 12 Wods of Christmas at CFRV

**Gym Chalk Talk:
Make sure to get your inBody post Test this week! Sign Up your team of 4 for 12 Wods of Christmas. Get your Hat Order in by this Wednesday!

Dynamic Group Warm-Up
Group Hip Opener
Plate Ankle Stretch
Wrist Warm-Up
Tricep/Lat Stretch

1 Round: Side-Butt

Workout of the day for Monday November 11th, 2019:
Front Squat:
*Build to Today’s Heavy Single

10 Min AMRAP:
15 Front Squat 95/65-lb
5 Bar Muscle-Up

1-for-1 Strict Banded
2-for-1 Strict Pull-Up
3-for-1 Ring Row

“After Party”
4 Rounds:
8 Hollow Body
8 Arch
1 Min Plank

Sweat Sessions Workout for Monday November 18th, 2019:
Mobility (each side):
Couch Stretch
Thoracic Mobility

Skill: DB Jerk, Catching Locked-Out vs. Press-Out

32 Min EMOM, alt:
• Cal Row/Bike/Ski
• DB Hang Clean & Jerk
• Strict Hanging Leg Raise
• Rest