32 Tips to Improve Your Health & Fitness Tip #13

32 Tips to Improve Your Health and Fitness

#13. The Obstacle is The Way

Often, the hard thing that we are not doing is the one thing we need to do to be successful.

This hard thing is an obstacle: waking up early to workout without any distractions, meal prepping on Sundays when we would rather relax, getting to the gym early to stretch so we can stay healthy, choosing the cream without added sugar for our coffee, turning off Netflix to get to bed on time, etc.

These are all obstacles, but they are also the path we must travel to reach our goals. When we accept the reality that we must do the difficult thing to succeed, we reframe the obstacle in our mind.

When there is an immovable rock that is blocking our path, and when the destination is worth surmounting the obstacle, we must become rock climbers.

No one is going to do it for us. There is no easy way, no shortcut, no gimmick to overcoming the obstacle. If the journey is worth the trouble, we must solve each problem, overcome each obstacle until we succeed.