32 Tips to Improve Your Health & Fitness Tip #15

32 Tips to Improve Your Health and Fitness

#15. Track What You Eat, And How Much.

If you were trying to dial in your finances, you would start by tracking everything you spend. You’d want to know how much you spend, how often you spend it, and then you’d want to make sure everything you’re buying is essential.

The same is true when we work on dialing in our diets. Tracking what we eat, and how much of what macro (protein, carbs, and fat) is essential data to know what we are doing right, and what we need to change.

We recommend tracking your food on the free app, MyFitnessPal. It familiarizes you with serving sizes & portions and shows you exactly what you’re putting into your body. You can set calorie, protein, carbohydrate, and fat gram goals, or we can set those for you when you sign up for Personal Nutrition Coaching!.

For a quick visual guide you can use the Hand Method:
1 Palm size of protein-dense foods with each meal (2 for men).
1 Fist of vegetables with each meal (2 for men).
Optional: 1 Cupped hand of carb-dense foods (2 for men).
Optional: 1 thumb sized portion of fat-dense foods (2 for men).

To lose body fat, and gain muscle, we need to eat in a slight caloric deficit, and we need to balance out our macros for what helps us best to reach our goals. The first step is knowing what we are eating, and how much.

If you need help dialing in your diet, send us an email jesse@rosevillecrossfit.com to meet with a nutrition coach!