A Few Notes About Scaling

Workout of the Day for Monday 12/07/09

Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes as you can of:
12 Power snatch (65/45)
10 Push-ups

Understanding the Real Battle” with Dave Castro, CrossFit Journal preview video … [wmv] [mov]

Scaling – The beauty of CrossFit is the way it can be scaled. A wise athlete will learn their limits, listen to their bodies, and scales their workouts according to their individual ability. There is nothing to prove by ‘keeping up’ with someone at the expense of form. Check your ego at the door. Or CrossFit will ball your ego up in a crinkled mess and send you home.  Most of our workouts come from CrossFit.com – an elite fitness program made to consistently exceed the limits of elite athletes. Trying to attack them Rx’d is a decision that should be made with care and just because you can do some workouts as Rx’d, doesn’t mean you should think you can do them all Rx’d.

CrossFit Placer will use a level system for suggesting scaling options. Use them as a guide to help you select your workout weight. For example, today’s workout can be scaled like this.

Level 1 – 15 min/1-arm dumbell snatch with lighter weight/modified push-ups

Level 2 – 20 min/lighter weight snatch/push-ups modified as necessary

Level 3 –  Rx’d

Proceed with a long-term vision, make smart choices, otherwise you could end up like this guy: Diesel Weasel (only the watch the first 45 seconds, may favorite part is at around :32 just when the bar comes off the ground)


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