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Workout of the Day for 09/30/09

Weighted Pull-ups

Finish with Tabata Double Unders.

Yesterday’s results



Communicate about your diet! This is a Blog hosted by CrossFit Santa Cruz Central and moderated by Michele Mootz. It is for all athletes and anyone who wishes to post comments about their eating. It is intended to create accountability and support for those trying to stick to diets such as the ZONE, Paleo, other insulin controlling diets. It is a forum to post what you ate, didn’t eat, want to eat, shouldn’t have eaten, and to share recipes, ideas, and thoughts on eating. WELCOME!

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  1. Okay, let’s do it!! I know 95% of our people will do it. We just got two new members, too – Meredith and Theresa.
    Are we going for the month of October, until Heather’s B-day, or what?

  2. Cool new members! VERY EXCITING! Yea were doing it till Heathers bday to start, but you know what they say…after a 30 day challenge it has been know to change people’s lives.

  3. Hey thanks for this link.I am inspired to try these recipes .I have gotton of track this past year in my diet because of stress and more annoying excuses, but hey things happen.

  4. looking forward to it. We are going to do todays WOD at home. Hopefully I can pull off weight pull ups…I can do them regular, but weights hmmm whats a alternative?

  5. Justin I did get the email.I did negatives followed by tabata, Morgan did weighted pull ups with max 50 pounds in a backpack.

  6. I’ve been planning on reducing my milk consumption and replacing it with eggs but no, I have no intention on giving it up totally. 1. Tastes too good. 2. Is so helpful in recovery. I would almost say it’s better than whey in that regard.

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