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Workout of the Day for Tuesday 05/31/11

Work up to Max Clean


Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes as you can of:
10 Pull-up
Run 400 meters
Max rep Handstand push-up

Score = # of HSPU’s

Thanks to everyone who came out for the 2011 Memorial Day Workout at CrossFit Roseville. The above 4 athlete’s (Janelle, Brooke, Andy, and Jordan) took the Double Black Diamond Challenge and repeated the workout. Except, they went above and beyond. Not only did they do it in weight vests and plate carriers, but they did kettlebell farmer’s carries, sled pushes, body bag carry, and anything else they could find to make it harder. That is a real example of the Double Black Diamond spirit.

We now return you to our normal scheduled CrossFit programming.

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