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Workout of the Day for Saturday 09/05/09

Five rounds for time:
Run 400m
15 wall ball (20/14)
15 pull-ups

From CrossFit One World, It’s a Crying Shame

Have you ever flown on a plane and prayed that you don’t sit next to the parents with the screaming kids? They are on every flight. These kids become screaming maniacs as soon as the plane takes off. Ever notice what the parents are feeding these kids? Quite frankly, its appalling. Foods loaded with sugar. I was hanging with Robb Wolf and and his wifey, Nicki Violetti, in Kauai. On their flight to the islands, they saw a couple feeding their child cotton candy as the plane got ready to take off! A screaming maniac throughout the entire flight. WTF mom and dad?!?!?!


 I find it crazy that parents don’t understand or educate themselves on the effects of sugar on their children. I have seen some of our own One World parents walk into the gym with their kids sucking down Slurpees or immediately hitting mom or dad up for money to buy some candy out of the vending machine in the lobby. Sugar intake causes extreme mood swings in children. Their insulin levels spike and then they crash. It’s a crazy roller coaster ride, and in the long term can lead to serious medical issues. 

Has your child shown any of these common symptoms indicative of too much sugar intake?
-difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep
-difficulty concentrating
-low grades in school
-frequent headaches
-hyperactive or listless
-many dental fillings
-cannot go for more than four hours without eating
-colds or bacterial infections more than once a year

If your kids are displaying any of these symptoms, try taking sugar completely out of their diet for two weeks. You will see dramatic changes.

Think about what you are feeding your children, and yourself for that matter. I am not telling you that your kid should never eat anything with sugar in it. Hell, that would just SUCK if I were your kid! Just don’t make sugary foods the norm. When I was a kid, getting a candy bar, or a Slurpee, or Baskin-Robbins was a treat! Take a few moments to read the label and think about what you are giving your kid to eat. Think of it this way: next time you go to hand your kid that Snickers bar or super-sized Slurpee, smile and say, “Here you go little Joey, have some diabetes…. Yummy!” Your child can make their own dietary choices when they become an adult, but remember that a lifetime of sugar addiction is hard to change. Don’t shoot your kids in the foot before they even start the race. 

So, in an effort to make One World a better example, I am first going to remove that Boy’s & Girl’s Club of America candy machine from the lobby. Yes, the money goes to a good cause, but until they change what is in it, it won’t be in the lobby anymore. (I think some nuts would be a better choice than the candy.) Also, Zvi owns the vending machine in the lobby. I have asked him to remove the candy from the vending machine, but he says the candy makes him money. I rarely see adults eating candy from this machine, so I have to figure it’s your kids that are buying this stuff up. Boycott the candy!!!! And while you are at it, boycott the sugary drinks in the soda machine too! (Sorry Zvi!) Zvi says he had better choices in the machines, but “no one bought that [good stuff].” Let’s bring the “[good stuff]” choices back. Maybe some nuts or some trail mix with just a little bit of candy or something sweet in it. Anything but the cookies and Snickers bars that are getting consumed daily.

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