Friday Night Draft and 14.1!!

Workout of the day for Wednesday, February 26th, 2014:

2 minutes of Row for Calories
2 minutes of thruster 95lb
2 minutes of Row for Calories
2 minutes of snatch 95lb
2 minutes of Row for Calories
2 minutes of Squat Clean 95lb

Log your results on:

This Friday Night at 4PM we will be having a draft. The three team captains: Heath S., Jessie I., and Kate R. Will announce their team names and draft the top athletes from CrossFit Roseville onto their team. (To be elligible for the draft you must submit your scores from the intramural test workouts from last thursday). After the Draft (Around 4:30 PM) We will begin heats for 14.1 the first 2014 Open Workout. Bring Some food to potluck Friday Night and to chow down on after you do 14.1!!

All members of CrossFit Roseville will be drafted onto 1 of 3 teams. Come Friday from 4-7 whenever you can make it in to cheer on the heats, hang out with good friends, eat some good grub, and get in a good workout yourself. Sign up what you are brining to the potluck on the announcement white-board and sign up for a heat time Friday Night.

14.1 Will be announced this Thursday at 5:00 PM. Get pumped up for this open and your spirit can earn your team 5 extra points per week!

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