Haters and Backers

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Workout of the Day for Wednesday 09/16/09

then, rest 3-5 minutes and complete
Three rounds of:
10 Dumbbell Snatch Left (55/35)
10 Dumbbell Snatch Right (55/35)
20 Push-ups
Run 200m

Go for a maximum weight on the deadlift with which you can get 10 continous repititions without re-gripping or resting on the floor.

Haters and Backers
It’s inspiring to see others do well. You should consider yourself lucky when you get the chance to be around someone firing on all cylinders, reaching new heights, overcoming, and doing well. Don’t be a hater, don’t be jealous, they probably earned it. What can you learn from their success? Will you let yourself be pulled up, will you try to hold them back?

If you are not excited about people getting better, succeeding, being victorious, and excelling at their pursuits then what? The opposite? If you want to see people falter, fail, be defeated, and be mediocre then there is something seriously wrong with you.  If you had to divide everyone you know into these two categories – haters and backers, who would you want to surround yourself with?   Who would you want to workout with?

That’s the great thing about CrossFit, and life – Haters don’t last, Backers do. Haters hang with haters. Backers pump others up, get pumped up, and reach the sky.

Some synonyms for hater: cynic, doubter, egotist, loner, misanthropist, recluse, skeptic

Some synonyms for backers: advocate, ally, benefactor, champion, patron, promoter, sponsor, well-wisher, associate, collaborator, colleague, companion, friend, partner, representative, supporter

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