Have you improved? Testing Round 2, Day 1

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To Test on Monday 06/05/11

Maximum Effort on the following:

400 meter run

Max Deadlift

Push-ups (2 minutes)

Squats (2 minutes)

1 mile run

CrossFit VictriX/Roseville 2011 CrossFit Games NorCal Region Affiliate Competition 21st Place. What a weekend!! You can see more photos by going here CrossFit Roseville facebook page , press “like”, and then view the photo album (or add your photos).

Testing Round 2

It’s been crazy lately. Have you noticed the rise in intensity over the last several weeks? It’s time to test yourself. 3 months ago, we got our bodyfat tested and did a week of testing various performance measures based on the Athletic Skill Level chart hanging on our wall. We are planning on repeating testing in this way every 3 months. Round 2 begins Monday. The hydrostatic body fat test van will be here Tuesday. Your reservations can be made by signing up on the white board.

If you started the 3 month body comp change challenge, you must get hydrostatic tested by Tuesday so results can be examined. Hopefully we have the winners announced on Wednesday and Thursday.

Remember,  there are two ways to win the Body Composition Change challenge. The highest relative reduction in body fat percentage and/or the highest relative increase in lean body mass percentage. Changes have been impressed. The final numbers will be impressive.

The final spreadsheet with everyone’s numbers will be available after announcing the winner(s).

So bring in your log book and let’s good a hard look at how you have improved.

Sorry for the late blog post, Adam. Took a little side trip on the way home from the NorCal Regional and got home late.

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