Heather’s Birthday

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Workout of the Day for Tuesday 10/27/09

Team workout with 3 people on each team:

124 Walking lunges with a 15# plate held overhead (as a team)

4 rounds of**:
24 KB swings
24 Double-unders
24 DB Push Press

**One person at each station- person completes their prescribed 24 reps, then takes a knee and waits for the remainder of their team to finish.  When all three people complete the required 24 reps then they rotate.

124 Walking lunges with a 15# plate held overhead (as a team)

Heather came up with her own birthday workout, can you guess how old she is? Her and Kevin will be there at the 5:30 class. Don’t miss this one, it will be fun. Plus we get to witness Faith finishing her challenge by getting primal with some milk and oreos!

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  1. RippeToe would snarl at you, Just.

    I am thinking of trying 70’sBig in the off-season and in the meantime one big happy fun day on the weekend of lifting heavy SS-like.

  2. Thanks, Just. Heather, that workout was hard.

    I failed at the gallon and got about 2/3rds in 15m and just gave up. Top-Off method wasn’t working. I did finish in about 2 hours+.

    Honestly, my stomach is agreeing with you about this gratuitous milk consumption. However, I didn’t feel hungry till about now (space clearing up). Makes the thought of GOMAD, ez.

    And I don’t think she drank a 1/2 gallon. Maybe a half pint.

  3. I am glad you enjoyed it Blair!

    Thanks everyone for coming out and pouring everything you had into this workout! I had such an awesome time last night! I couldn’t have picked a better group of people to share my bday with…you guys are awesome!!! Thanks again!

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