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Workout of the Day for Thursday 10/22/09

Five rounds for max reps of:
Body weight back squat

Excerpts from an interview at:


At a bodyweight of 190 to 200 pounds Marvin performed the following. 

Some highlights from the interview:

“I never even took any vitamins or supplements of any kind. I would eat regular foods. All kinds of food: milk and steak and chicken and dairy foods, cereals.”

“The horror of today is the use of all these chemical substances that’s going on. It is so perverse. You know, when I lifted weights I believed the stronger and more muscular I got, the healthier I became…Health was never divorced from my training. I would never, under any circumstance, consider the use of any kind of artificial drug to stimulate my muscle growth.”

“You want to get muscular and stronger, workout hard and look after yourself like I did. You can’t beat your genetics. Can everyone be an Einstein? No they can’t.”

“I never took weight off the stand in the conventional way. I would clean the weight to my shoulders and then do the heavy presses.”

“Ludwig Shusterich, a very nice man, one time came up to workout with me and we both dead-lifted without any particular training, 665 pounds. It was just like an afterthought, after we had done working out.”

“My philosophy was train to your limit, never use any artificial means, eat well and above all, have the goal of good health.”

“It was all free weights. The only thing we had was a homemade lat machine with a simple pulley and cable and a bar attached. That’s about it. Everything else was free weight. Of course we also had an Olympic revolving bar for the heavy presses, clean and jerks and snatches and all that. But otherwise everything was all free weight.”

“The only advice I can give the guys today in the field is to live clean and to get a way from this horror of chemicals. Enjoy the feel of the steel in your hands, but struggle to get it overhead. Make contact with that. Build yourself up in that manner and you enjoy it for the rest of your life.”

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