Nutrition Talk tonight with Jessie Ingram!

** Tonight at 7:15 Jessie Ingram will be discussing the mental aspects of nutrition! Come get motivated to take your fitness to the next level. For many CrossFitter’s nutrition is the missing piece they need to accomplish their goals. Come get ideas, ask questions, and leave pumped up to step up your nutrition game.

Pre-Wod Mobility:
Banded Hip Distraction

Workout of the day for Tuesday May 27th, 2014:
5 Rounds of the following three sets:
In 30 Seconds Complete:
10×10 meter sprint
Amrap Box Jumps 24/30
* 1 minute Rest

In 60 Seconds Complete:
10 Kb Step-Ups 53/35lb (Alt Feet)
Amrap Box Jumps 24/30
* 1 Minute Rest

In 90 Seconds Complete:
100 Double Unders
Amrap Box Jumps 24/30
* 1 Minute Rest

Score is Total Reps Box Jump over all three sets over all 5 rounds.

Bent Hollow Body:
L1: 4×12 Sec.
L2: 4X24 Sec.
L3: 4X48 Sec.
L4: 4×60 Sec.
IM (Mobility In-between each set of Hollow Body): 5 Reps of Cat/Cow

Partner Calve Smash
Lacross ball Patella Pouch

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