Nutrition Thursday – What is ‘Paleo’?

Workout of the Day for Friday 08/12/11

Squat Clean, 135/95 pounds
Ring Dips

Elizabeth (as Rx’d) (Annie and Greg) [wmv][mov» Sept 23 07

Allison, you are tough!!

A ‘Paleo’ approach to eating follows these guidelines:

1. Eat whole foods.

Lean meats & fish, Veggies, Fruit & Berries,Nuts. Fats & oils

2. Eliminate processed foods.


3. Eat Paleo foods to satiety.

4. FAT is your friend. (because without grains, beans, dairy, processed foods, sugar, you need calories from something).

That’s it, the rest is just details. So what kind of questions do you have? It is simple, but I am sure you want to ask a bunch of clarifying questions, so go ahead, ask in comments and I can answer as well as all of the other Paleo educated athletes at CrossFit Roseville can answer as well.

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  1. Uh-oh! Pukey for Allison?

    I have a question. How bad is cheese? I eat it every day with every meal. Dun, dun, dunnnn…

  2. Cheese and yogurt aren’t bad at all they. Just aren’t paleo because they are dairy. If your are “in the zone”dairy is awesome for filling out multiple blocks with one food and for beating cravings(sweet salty etc.)
    I think raw(not pasturized) milk may be ok in some circles.

    Chris- you can “make it” without anything !

  3. What Andy said.
    From the Paleo perspective, dairy products are not included in a ‘Paleo’ approach to eating because the “Paleo Man” wouldn’t have had a domesticated cow or goat to milk.
    Some people get digestion issues and congestion issues from ingesting dairy products and some people are lactose intolerant. Obviously, for them, no dairy is a no-brainer.
    The cool thing about raw (unpastuerized) milk is that the lactate enzyme necessary for digesting lactose is still present in the milk so people without that enzyme (lactose intolerant) can consume it. The uncool thing about raw milk – the price and the government crack down.
    So if you want to go Paleo (or some sort of detox/cleanse) – no dairy.
    In the Primal or Zone diets – dairy is okay.
    For me, dairy is a big part of my diet. I like milk, it digests fast for me. I like whey protein after a wod (whey comes from dairy). It is a nutrient dense and calorie dense food. I think cheese is one of the best things ever!
    Fats, the kind found in dairy (whole milk only please!), keep us full longer and help us feel satisfied (notice Andy’s comment about beating cravings). The paleo diet goes to fats as well for this satiety benefit.

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