September Birthday Bashing

Workout of the Day for Wednesday 09/23/09

“Blame it on Kevin and Faith”
Run 800m
35 Double Unders (100 singles)
23 Pull-ups
35 Thrusters (95/65)
23 Push-ups
35 Squats
23 Sit-ups
Run 800m

For those who finish the WOD, there will be ice cold raw milk and Oreos to celebrate Kevin and Faith’s birthdays.

More good things from fish oil: 
Article: Supplementation of DHA (like fish oil) boosts cognitive development in infants.
. . . “However, our results clearly suggest that feeding infants formula supplemented with high concentrations of DHA provides beneficial effects on cognitive development. Furthermore, because infants who display superior performance on the means-end problem-solving task tend to have superior IQ and vocabulary later in childhood, it’s possible that the beneficial effects of DHA extend well beyond infancy.” . . .
Click here for complete article.

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