The Right Metric To Be Consistent

Consistency is King when it comes to our health and fitness. What helps you to be consistent?

Many of the athletes at CrossFit Roseville are parents, business professionals, and generally pretty busy people. But, there is a shared understanding that we need to prioritize our health and fitness in order for us to thrive: to be the best we can in our professions, to be the best version of ourselves for our loved ones, and to be the best version of ourselves for ourselves.

My good friend Sean Cronan recently went back to his CrossFit Gym in the bay area after a brief Hiatus. Sean is a strong dude, he has been doing CrossFit going on 10+ years, he has taken some seasons to focus primarily on Olympic lifting, he can move weight and he moves extremely well.

During one of his classes back at his gym his coach asked him why he doesn’t go “Rx’d” on each of the daily workouts. And Sean’s answer has everything to do with why fitness is important to him, the metric he uses to determine his success, and his daily motivation.

Sean told his coach that:
1. Going RX would cause his movement to break down, and he wants to move well and continue to improve his technique for many many years.
2. Going RX would cause him to be sore for the next few days, and he wants to come back tomorrow and be able to work out hard without worrying about being overly tight/sore.
3. Going RX would require him to have to spend a lot of time on mobility, extra sleep, seeing a masseuse/chiro etc. and he knows he won’t have the time to be able to do this.

The Coach had a metric for success: going “RX.” But this is not Sean’s Metric. Sean’s metric is consistency. Consistently putting in the work, to get the results he is looking for. Sean’s motivation is not going RX, but rather moving well, getting in a good workout, and not needing to spend hours a day recovering.

Everyone’s metric for success will be slightly different. Everyone’s motivation will be slightly different.

What is your metric for success? Are you using a metric that is causing you to be unhappy and stealing your ability to get in the gym consistently? (Often this metric is comparing yourself to others, or even comparing where you are today to where you were during a different stage of life.)

If you value health and fitness you must know why fitness is important to you. Know what you need to do consistently to achieve this. Focus on metrics that allow you to be consistent (heck, one of the best metrics is just “Did I go to the gym X number of times this week”?) And… your daily motivation will be determined from these values!

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Jesse Phillips
Head Coach/Owner CrossFit Roseville