When You Carb, Go Complex

Workout of the Day for Thursday 12/10/09

Complete Three Rounds:
Overhead Squat (75/45)
Hang Power Clean (135/85)
Row for Calories
Complete 1 minute at each station, rest 1 minute between rounds. Score total reps.

**Coach’s Note: This is 9 minutes of work, with adequate rest. Go for full power output. Think highest rep’s possible, similar to Fight Gone Bad.**

I Carb, You Carb, We All Carb…
…but, when you eat carbohydrates, you better believe that the quality of the food you are eating matters. Try to make your carbohydrates all come from complex sources as opposed to simple carbs. Complex carbs enter the system slower than simple carbs, thus eliciting less of an insulin spike. Simple carbs deliver sugars into the blood system too fast eliciting a high insulin response (spike). Some examples of complex carbs are fruits, vegetables, whole grains. Some examples of simple carbs are juices, sugar, and white flour. Guaranteed if your food comes in a box and has more than 5 ingredients in it, it’s full of simple carbs.

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