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Workout of the Day for Thursday 10/28/11

Snatch 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps

Work Capacity
As many rounds as possible in 12 minutes:
5 Reps Locked Overhead (anyway possible), 185/115 pounds
10 Push Ups
10 Jump Touches – 24″/18″

I’ve been hard at work coaching a dozen of the highest quality business professionals I’ve ever met. We’ve been hitting 3 wod’s a day at CrossFit Upcountry, at the beach, and even inside a volcanic crater between their business development sessions with Joe Stumpf at the Build Your Body Build Your Business – 5 Day Maui Intensive. These people have exhibited an amazing amount of work capacity and inner drive. I’ve been sitting in on the business development sessions as well and I have been inspired for what is possible at CrossFit Roseville. I’m looking forward to taking this inspiration and delivering it to you all as we forge ahead with creating the best CrossFit gym in the Sacramento area.

I even made the webpage of CrossFit Upcountry with a PR on a max set of pull-ups.


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Workout of the Day for Wednesday 10/26/11

Complete as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of:

10 Wall ball shots, 20/14 pound ball

10 Toes to bar

10 Box jumps, 24″/20″ box


Are you a warrior?

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Workout of the Day for Tuesday 10/25/11

3-3-3 reps

Work Capacity
9 Clean and Jerk, 155/105
Run 800 meters
15 Clean and Jerk, 135/95
run 600 meters
21 Clean and Jerk, 95/65
run 400 meters

Mother Teresa waged a nearly lifelong battle with feelings of spiritual failure and unworthiness

Are you a warrior?

All great civilizations have had warrior cultures. America has a warrior culture, albeit a very young one. But the warrior spirit that lives in many of us is not just limited to the application of violence and war. There are many battles to fight in life and having a warrior spirit is key.

That unbeatable spirit you have inside of you, that part of you that will never quit, that part of you that goes for big goals, that is what I mean by warrior spirit.

Accept the fact that you are warrior and start approaching your life as a warrior.

Be Aggressive – Make a vigorous energetic effort to meet your goals. Channel and use your effort, force, energy, drive, and focus.

Be Goal Oriented and Value Driven –  Set goals for yourself, physically, spiritually, financially, relationally. Set the goals, then get after it. Have you thought about what values drive your life? Have you written a personal mission statement?

Be Mindful – Stay focused, be aware, learn, grow, pursue understanding, eliminate distractions, seize the day. Study and practice the methods to achieving your goals.

Be Flexible – Your workouts and your life are not always going to go as you planned. Get over it, roll with it, adapt and overcome.

Be Simple – Simplify your life because it will help you stay focused on the things you have determined are important for you. Clutter, excessive reliance on technology, and complications steel your attention and energy.

Move Forward – Seriously, make up your mind already and ‘Just Do It’. Start moving in a direction, you can always change directions and change the plan if you need to but for God’s sake make a plan and start moving!! Paralysis by analysis. waiting, etc. are all just avoidance mechanisms. Take the first step and create some momentum.

Face Your Fears – Make yourself face and overcome the things that scare you.

Pursue the Black Diamond Life – In all areas of your life start learning what it means to live and move as an ‘expert’. Don’t stumble through life as a ‘beginner’, pursue a higher level of life. The black diamond life is a symbol of living at the advanced level.

Let Your Yes Be Yes and Your No Be No – If you say you are going to do something, do it. If you start it, finish it. Let your word be your bond.

Pursue Discipline – There are no quick fixes in life. There are no magic pills or secret formulas. The key to getting the goal is through consistent self-discipline and self-control. Don’t let yourself become addicted to anything. Discipline yourself mentally and physically. Get comfortable being uncomfortable. Pain is weakness leaving the body.

Master Your Emotions – Don’t let your emotions run your life. Stay objective when your dealing with hard stuff. Keep your perspective (friends can help with this!).

Don’t Let People Push You Around – Learn how to establish boundaries and enforce them.

Find Inspiration – Who/what inspires your spirit? Movies, books, people ? Is there someone who seems to consistently pump you up? Is there a movie that inspires you to go for your goals?

Find a Place to Challenge Your Warrior Spirit – CrossFit Roseville!!! Hard CrossFit workouts can be great symbolic challenges. And there is also….SEALFIT Kokoro…..for the ultimate warrior spirit challenge.

Friday 10/21/11

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Workout of the Day for Friday 10/21/11

4 rounds of:

5 Muscle-ups*

10 Deadlift, 245/155 pounds

15 Sit-ups

Sprint 50/100/150/200 yards

*Substitute 4 pull-ups and 4 push-ups for 1 muscle-up

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Workout of the Day for Thursday 10/20/11

Five rounds for max reps of:
Body weight bench press, Dips, or Push-ups

Run 1.3 Mile

Coach’s Choice

Find out how well you have done.

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Workout of the day for Wednesday 10/19/11

4 Rounds
8 Burpees
12 Toes to Bar
16 Squat Cleans (95/65)


Come and get your bodyfat tested today!

Victory Day!! For many of you this is going to be a great day of victory and celebration. You have gotten leaner and stronger and you have the best method available for testing body composition to prove it. Congratulations! Your going to ride this wave of momentum and success on to higher levels of fitness.

Rude Awakening!! For some of you, the truth is going to hurt. But the truth is always a good thing so don’t run from it. It is what it is, now it’s time to get to work. Your going to be motivated to do CrossFit and eat right now more than ever with the facts in black and white staring you in the face.

Gain Strength

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Workout of the Day for Tuesday 10/18/11

“Fight Gone Bad”
3 rounds of the following:
1 minute at each station for max reps
Wallball, 20/14 pound
Sumo Deadlift High Pull
Box jump, 20″
Push Press, 75/55 pound
Row for calories
Compare your score to 5 weeks ago at the Allen Ranch. If you missed it in September, here is your chance. If you’ve never done it. Enjoy.
If you want the championship version, let me know.
Gain Strength
Points to remember when you want to Gain Strength.
1. Keep it simple. Bicep curls while balancing on one leg? Really? Um, no. There is a better way. You don’t need to out think basic biological design. In its simplest form, lift weights. Lift dumbbells, lift barbells, and swing kettlebells. Training for strength helps your joints get stronger. It helps your bones stay healthy. It can even prevent osteoporosis. Go for intensity, technique, and poundage when trying to get stronger. Stick the basics like: back squats, deadlifts, overhead press, and bench press. Add olympic lifts and your basic bodyweight stuff (pull-ups, dips, push-ups, squats, and sit-ups) and you will get stronger.
2. In order to build, you need protein and lots of food. The right food at the right time is necessary. Under eating isn’t going to help you get stronger. “Feed the machine.” Examples of what and when: Breakfast = eggs, cottage cheese, maybe some oatmeal. Post workout = protein shake. Lunch = chicken and veggies or carb source. Snack = cheese, tuna, apple, almond butter. Dinner = Fish and vegetables. Did you notice there is protein at every meal?

3. Go heavy. When the workout of the day calls for 3 heavy sets of 5 then go heavy. 3 easy sets of 5 isn’t going to make you strong. 3 heavy sets of 5 will.

Stay Focused – Will You Be Excellent?

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Workout of the Day for Monday 10/17/11

Bench Press or Dips

Work Capacity
Five rounds for time of:
35 Double-unders
Run 200 meters

Jesse Bazarnick 4:30, Tyler Hinz 5:15, Amy Power 5:38, Candice Ruiz6:04.

WOD Demo with CrossFit Santa Cruz – video [wmv] [mov]

“Excellence” by Cody Limbaugh of CrossFit Excellence

Definitions are important. We in the CrossFit community take pride in our commitment to define the terms that we use. “Core Strength” is not a buzz-word phrase for us. “Intensity” is not a subjective effort based on how you feel that day (or how loud you yell). “Excellence” should not be thrown around lightly either.

Coach Glassman’s flagship article that launched the CrossFit Journal was an attempt to define fitness. One of the many revelations I have experienced while listening to Coach is his pointing out that when a word is used by many people who each intend a different definition, the word ceases to have any meaning at all. This is one of the things that first drew me to CrossFit: a commitment to knowledge and truth that is made apparent by being bold enough to define enigmatic terms like “fitness.”

Only with clear definitions can you have clear objectives. After all, how can you pursue fitness if you don’t really know what fitness is? Your goals can only be as effective as they are well defined. The achievement of any goal requires intentional focus. The intentions are up to you. A clear definition provides the focal point.

Just as we require a definition for fitness in order to obtain it, so we must strive to clearly define excellence if we are to pursue it. So let’s take a look at some definitions that are out there now . . .

Google defines excellence as:

The quality of being outstanding or extremely good.
An outstanding feature or quality.

That is actually one of the better definitions I could find on-line. The first part hints at excellence as being a favorable attribute. The second part is utterly useless: “Outstanding feature or quality.” Really? That could be describing my nose–doesn’t mean it’s a good thing!

Dictionary.com says excellence is:

1. the fact or state of excelling; superiority; eminence
2. an excellent quality or feature

I seem to remember an assignment in grade school that asked students to define words, but we were not allowed to use a form of the word in our attempt to define it. Why is this not the standard for dictionaries? Again, this definition is useless.

Wikipedia defines excellence as “A talent or quality which is unusually good and so surpasses ordinary standards. It is also an aimed for standard of performance.”

We’re getting better here. At least we are starting to get a hint that excellence is a standard that must be achieved through effort, and not just an inherent “feature.”

I have lately taken a deep interest in philosophy (thanks to CrossFit rest day topics) with one of my favorite philosophers so far being Aristotle. He has something to say about the nature of virtues, including excellence: “Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but we rather have those because we have acted rightly. We are what we repeatedly do.” As a good friend recently pointed out to me, it is important to note here that there is an often attributed line that follows this quote, but is not Aristotle: “Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.” This last phrase that is often attributed to Aristotle is actually by Will Durant in his attempt to analyze Aristotle’s writings.

I think Durant got it wrong, at least in our current use of the word “habit”. Aristotle used the word habituation in conjunction with the word training. He seems to be emphasizing an intentional practicing of higher standards–training as a lifestyle, where Durant just uses the word habit, as if excellence can be achieved automatically. I don’t think we can strive for excellence on auto-pilot.

Earlier I mentioned a couple of terms I believe are necessary to achieve a goal: “Intentional” and “Focus”. I don’t believe excellence can be a habit. In fact, I think the terms are at odds with each other. As habit sets in, excellence withers. Excellence requires vigilance. Excellence does not occur arbitrarily, it requires intention. If focus is lost, intention becomes apathy.

We all know what is required of us to achieve fitness. It is work. It requires focus. It requires us to continually push the boundaries of our comfort zone. It is not obtained automatically or through apathy. Sure, we may aquire good habits, but we must continuously, consciously redirect our attention toward bettering ourselves. Excellence, as a concept, is much the same. Without a focused intention toward excellence, we tend to do work that is “good enough.”

The Ancient Greeks had a concept of excellence they called arete which meant an outstanding fitness for purpose. I really love this definition! “An outstanding fitness for purpose.” How awesome is that?

When we combine Coach Glassman’s definition of fitness into the concept of arete we get:

Excellence: as in arete.
Fitness: increased work capacity across broad time, modal and age domains.
Purpose: a result, end, mean, aim, or goal of an action intentionally undertaken

So then, we get a definition that describes the effort, focus and intention as well as the attributes of the word: Excellence is an increase in the work capacity over time, for intentionally undertaken aims.

What does “excellence” mean to you? How are you intentionally pursuing it?

On another note:

Watch these videos – I have been to seminars with both of these two coaches and learned a lot. You tube and the internet gives you access to coaching that no other generation has had. Take advantage of it!!!

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qNgQkJM7RKU&feature=uploademail] [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MHVKxX9DmpI&feature=uploademail]

More Team Stuff

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Workout of the Day for Saturday 10/15/11

Members and veterans come on out at 8 am. Rookies, guests, beginners, visitors, and members that sleep in come out at 9 am.

The workout will include rowing or running, pull-ups, push-ups, squats, and power cleans. It will be teams up to 4 people but each athlete will receive an individual score.